You Might Love 'Deadpool 2's Group Of Mutant Heroes Even More Than The X-Men

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Deadpool 2 comes out on May 18, and if you're totally freaking out, don't worry, because you're definitely not alone. While the first Deadpool set the bar very high, the second one will probably be even better because it features the X-Force. If you're not familiar with what the X-Force are in Deadpool 2, think of them as a group of paramilitary crime-fighters, if a less organized group of mutants than the X-Men. And that is, of course, because Deadpool is their leader.

Many believe that the X-Force's involvement in Deadpool 2 will set the group up for their own standalone movie, which may be true. Deadpool does say in the film's trailer that he wants the team to include kids who are "young enough to carry their own franchise for 10-12 years." So you should probably get comfortable with each of them. That might not be an easy task though, considering that the actor who played Pennywise in It, Bill Skarsgård, is a member of X-Force. Don't fret though; as the new character Zeitgeist, Skarsgård looks nothing like the creepy red headed clown who haunted your dreams.

In the X-force, Zeitgeist joins previous Deadpool characters Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapičić) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). The X-Force will also introduce some exciting new characters, including Domino (Zazie Beats), Bedlam (Terry Crews), and Shatterstar (Lewis Tan). A few other X-Force members have yet to get their official introductions, but as Inverse suggests, Shioli Kutsuna might be playing the mutant called Surge. And bbased on the trailers, it seems like Rob Delaney will play a normal guy, Peter, who appears to already have his own Twitter account, @PeterW_1974.

Not much is known about Deadpool 2's plot except for the fact that Deadpool assembles the X-Force to stop the baddie, Cable (Josh Brolin), from killing a kid. Strangely enough, in the comics, Cable originally assembled X-Force, which may mean that the character could join up with the team in the future, Screen Rant reports. The site also notes that Deadpool and Cable often teamed up together in the comics, so you never know, that could mean a surprising plot twist awaits in Deadpool 2.

While so much of Deadpool has been kept a secret, from the trailers alone you can already tell that Domino will quickly become your new favorite character — not just based on Marvel characters but basically all TV and movies ever made. She has a sarcastic humor that matches Deadpool's, and it's clear from the final trailer that she's not easily discouraged. When Domino announces her power — being lucky — to Deadpool, he argues that it's neither cinematic nor a real superpower. All she has to say is "Yes it is" for you to not only believe her but beg for her own standalone movie.

You might recognize Beetz from her role as Van on Atlanta, and you'll probably be seeing a lot more of her soon. In an interview with Vogue, Beetz revealed that Deadpool 2's director, David Leitch, wanted her hair to remain natural for the movie, despite the character's hair being straight in the comics . "I was shocked," Beetz told Vogue. "For David and Ryan [Reynolds], my hair being bold and strong helps Domino come across as bold and strong."

Domino is just one of the many intriguing new cast members joining Deadpool in his violent escapades for the highly-anticipated sequel. The collective power of each X-Force member will probably be enough to save the young boy from Cable's clutches, and it just might withstand Deadpool's snark along the way.

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