Lockjaw Is Already Everyone's Favorite Part Of The 'Inhumans' Trailer

Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

There is a lot going on in the first trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, released this Thursday, but the one aspect of the show that seems to have captured fans' attention the most is something that's onscreen for barely five seconds of the two-minute trailer: a giant, teleporting CGI dog named Lockjaw. But what is Lockjaw on Inhumans, exactly? And what's the big deal about him?

Well, the answer to the second question should be pretty obvious to anyone who watches the trailer: He's an adorable giant, teleporting dog for goodness' sake. What's not to love? The way he swoops in and rescues Inhuman leader Black Bolt at just the right moment, the way he cocks his head and slobbers his way into the viewer's heart in the promo's final moments… it's easy to see why this good doggo is everyone's favorite part.

And I do mean everyone. Twitter has been abuzz about the show's slobbery sidekick ever since the trailer premiered — with some people already clamoring for a Lockjaw spinoff after only five seconds of footage during which the dog doesn't do very much at all besides be cute. (Then again, does any dog need to do much beyond that to be loved?)

As for the matter of what Lockjaw is… well, the idea of a giant teleporting dog is so weirdly ridiculous that you just know it came from a comic book. Indeed, the canine character isn't an original creation for the ABC series. Lockjaw — along with many of his Inhuman teammates, including Black Bolt — made his comic book debut in the pages of a 1965 Fantastic Four storyline, helping the exiled Royal Family of Attilan battle against the insane Maximus, who had seized the Inhuman throne for himself.

Thereafter, he remained an erstwhile ally of the Inhumans, most often paired with young Crystal as the princess' chaperone and protector. His powers — including the ability to teleport himself and up to one ton of additional mass, the ability to track and sense beings across interdimensional space, and the ability to claw his way through almost any material — combined with his adorable appearance, make him a deceptively useful guardian.

But if you're curious about where Lockjaw came from or how he came to be… well, you're going to be curious for a long time. The superpowered pupper's origins have never been explained on the page, so they're unlikely to be explored on the show, either. While some characters in the comics have speculated that he was an Inhuman whose exposure to the Terrigen mists mutated him into a canine-like being, that theory has never been proven.

It's still unknown whether he's an Inhuman in the shape of a dog, or simply a dog with Inhuman-like powers. It would be disappointing to see the show come up with a straightforward explanation for Lockjaw's existence, since the mystery of his provenance is part of his absurd appeal.

It remains to be seen how frequent or convincing Lockjaw's appearances will be, so you better savor the character's antics in the show's first two hours just in case ensuing episodes leave fans shouting "Here, boy!" instead of "Good doggo!"