You Can Get This Fancy AF Pinot Grigio Doughnut Starting Soon


Mark your calendars, folks: New York City’s ever-popular The Doughnut Project is releasing a new pinot grigio doughnut. Released just in time for National Pinot Grigio Day on May 17, this boozy and decadent confection includes a creamy cheesecake filling, and is topped with a frothy meringue with gold — yes, gold — blingy sprinkles, and will be available for $4.75, according to Elite Daily.

Created in partnership with Cavit Pinot Grigio in celebration of everyone’s favorite summer white, these pinot grigio doughnuts will be available from Monday, May 14, through May 20, because why celebrate pinot grigio for one day when you can celebrate for six — with fancy and scrumptious doughnuts? If the doughnuts are popular enough, the flavor may be available for longer, Elite Daily reports.

The Doughnut Project is all about wildly original doughnut creations “inspired by our favorite food and cocktails,” according to their official website, and their previous efforts include such maddeningly ambrosial creations as the Redemption Rye Doughnut, the President Cheese — so much yes to cheese on a doughnut, by the way — and the gorgeous Prosecco Doughnut released in August of 2017 for National Prosecco Day. Because who doesn’t want a delectable doughnut infused with bubbly Italian wine? And since the Prosecco Doughnut was so popular last year, it’s become a regular on the Doughnut Project menu — and the lovely pink and gold sprinkled treats are super pretty, too.

The West Village culinary brainchild of co-founders, Leslie Polizzotto and Troy Neal, was founded six years ago “based on a mutual love of food, drinks, and especially doughnuts,” and has since released the strawberries and cream flavored Strawberry Milkshake Doughnut — with “just a kiss of balsamic,” the Blueberry and Yuzu Doughnut with a wild blueberry glaze, yuzu stripes, and citrus notes, the fantastically inspired Coffee and Salted Toffee Doughnut with a salted caramel toffee crumble; and the extra dark chocolate Texas Gold Tea Doughnut with a dark chocolate cookie crumble and a touch of sea salt — among a wide and glorious array of other amazing flavors. According to The Doughnut Project website, these renegade doughnut geniuses “wanted to go beyond sprinkles and cream cheese frosting. We like to amp things up with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and a menu that beckons you to ask, ‘And that’s all on a doughnut?!’” To which I reply: I will take one of everything, please and thanks.

And if you’re looking for an even greater variety of booze-flavored doughnut treats, The Doughnut Project also launched a new Cocktail Series as of April 21. Per The Doughnut Project website, the five-week Cocktail Series features a new doughnut each Friday through Sunday. The doughnuts are all limited edition, and inspired by NYC’s best bartenders and mixologists. Prices will range from $5.00 to $5.75, and, similar to its super popular Restaurant Series, it's another collaborative effort on the part of The Doughnut Project to create remarkable and unusual doughnuts. I mean, who knew you could put bone marrow pastry cream in a chocolate doughnut with a clementine orange glaze, but, of course you can.

In the meantime, you can stop by the West Village doughnut shop starting Monday, May 14 for a shot at trying the extremely Instagrammable Pinot Grigio Doughnut in honor of Pinot Grigio Day. And also, just because doughnuts. The Doughnut Project is located at 10 Morton Street in NYC’s West Village, and operates from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, and from 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday. These babies promise to be super popular, so your best bet is to arrive as early as possible during business hours before they sell out.