This Week's 'Drag Race' Revealed Which Queens Are Actually Serious About Winning

RuPaul's Drag Race Snatch Game Season 12

Aside from actually auditioning for Drag Race, Snatch Game is the biggest test queens face on the show. The objective is to nail a celebrity impersonation that will make RuPaul laugh. But unfortunately, most Season 12 queens barely warranted a giggle — except for Gigi Goode and Jackie Cox, who were clearly more prepared than everyone else.

Gigi blew Ru away with her mechanically dry humor as Maria the Robot, and Jackie's fully loaded prop bag and overdrawn nude lips carried her through an impression of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Rinna — she even wore her Lisa Rinna Collection duster cardigan.

When it was all said and done, Gigi's impressive physical comedy beat out Jackie for the victory prize of $5,000. If only the other queens had even come close...

Sherry Pie's Katharine Hepburn Was Good, But Predictable

Sherry's campy comedy has already won multiple challenges, which ultimately weakened her Snatch Game. A raspy, old lady Hepburn was funny — it just wasn't enough.

Heidi N Closet's Leslie Jones Needed Some Polish

Heidi has a unique personality, which is why she shines on stage. Unfortunately, there was too much Heidi and not enough Jones in her Snatch Game performance. But she did make Ru giggle, so that's something.

Jaida Essence Hall Was Cardi B's Quiet Twin

It's clear that Jaida studied up on Cardi B before getting into character — her answers to the Snatch Game prompts were very Cardi-like. Her subdued delivery, however, failed to channel Cardi's lovably loud, boisterous demeanor.

Jan Was Overshadowed as Bernadette Peters

Jan loves Broadway, which is why she chose to embody this four-time Tony award winner. Sadly, the character's "babydoll voice," as Ru called it, fell short.

Widow Von'Du Should've Stuck to One Turner

Instead of fully going for it as the iconic Tina Turner, Widow changed her look halfway through to portray Turner's ex-husband, Ike. She may have aimed high creatively, but it ended up causing more confusion than anything else.

Aiden Zhane Put The Horror in Rocky Horror Picture Show

Being "scary" is clearly Aiden's schtick, which is why she chose to portray a present day Patricia Quinn, aka Magenta in Rocky Horror. She picked Quinn because they have apparently met in real life, but that didn't help Aiden make the judges laugh.

Brita's Jennifer Holliday Was A Missed Opportunity

Rather than making literally a single Dream Girls reference, Brita just did a weirdly dramatic laugh the whole time.

Crystal Methyd's Impression Was Too Niche

She dressed up as Poppy, a YouTube influencer and entertainer who isn't quite well-known enough to make an impression on the judges.

Hopefully, future queens will take Jackie's advice and prepare for the Snatch Game well before filming. "We all know it's coming," she said. "This is the one challenge you have the most time to prepare for."

In other words, there's no excuse for missing the mark.