The 'Fifty Shades Freed' Teaser Is Swoonworthy

Universal Pictures

Good news, your plans for Valentine's Day 2018 have been made. The first teaser for Fifty Shades Freed is here, and as PopSugar pointed out, it looks like Christian and Anastasia are having the best honeymoon ever. If you stayed through the credits of Fifty Shades Darker, then you already got a glimpse of the footage included in the brief, but oh, so tantalizing teaser. However, this teaser includes new scenes and it is the first time you get to see the trilogy's couple enjoying wedded bliss.

In true Christian and Anastasia fashion, their happiness is sure to be short-lived, but it's hard to feel too bad for them when they're frolicking on stunning beaches and scoring a hotel with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. If watching these two be in love is your favorite thing, then prepare to do some serious swooning since that's pretty much all that is going on in the teaser.

After the drama of Fifty Shades Darker, the couple deserves a brief respite from the constant danger in their lives, and as a bonus for the audience, Jamie Dornan once again sheds his shirt. All in all, it's not a bad introduction to the final film in the trilogy and it will no doubt leave you craving more of the Greys.

Christian and Anastasia had better make the most of their extravagant vacation (and not just because it looks like it a cost a mint, even for a billionaire), because once they get back to Seattle they will have Anastasia's vengeful ex to deal with. The days when the only threat to their relationship was whether or not they could work out a reasonable sex contract seem like they were so long ago now.

While the last film in the trilogy won't be released until Valentine's Day, Dornan and Dakota Johnson filmed the final installment and Fifty Shades Darker back-to-back. That information might make the wait even more difficult, but just think of all the sexy, pop-song backed trailers that will be popping up in the next few months. If all else fails, the Fifty Shades Darker unrated DVD will be released on May 9, and it should be more than enough to keep you busy until you can witness the sexiest honeymoon of the century (so far) for yourself.