The First 'Mean Girls' Musical Photo Puts The Plastics In Pink On A Tuesday, The Horror

Paramount Pictures

It might be Tuesday, but the Plastics are already wearing pink. Tina Fey gave fans the first photo of the Plastics from the Mean Girls musical in an exclusive to Entertainment Weekly. The new Plastics are modern, mean, and dressed in their signature color even if it's on the wrong day of the week. But at least they aren't in sweatpants — that would be a real travesty.

Fey and her husband (composer Jeff Richmond) started working on the Broadway adaptation of the 2004 instant classic about five years ago. Fittingly, on October 3 of last year, fans officially learned Mean Girls was headed to Broadway; the highly anticipated musical is set to premiere at D.C.'s Nation Theatre October 31 before heading to the Big Apple. It seems part of the wait was gathering a totally fetch crew that'll hopefully do die-hard fans proud.

The Plastics will be led by Taylor Louderman as Queen Bee Regina George, and she's well seasoned for the iconic role (originally and flawlessly played by Rachel McAdams). Louderman was the lead in the Bring It On musical as well as Wendy in NBC's live Peter Pan. According to Fey, she captures the perfect amount of cunning that is North Shore's royalty. "She instinctively understood the idea of Regina George," Fey said. Even her fatal stare in the first Plastics photo does the talking. With iPhones in hand, the Plastics are ready for attack.

Louderman is joined by Kate Rockwell (Rock of Ages) as self-proclaimed boob psychic Karen Smith and Ashley Park (Sunday in the Park with George) as toaster strudel heir Gretchen Wieners. The group of up and coming Broadway stars to be personally victimized by Regina George include Erika Henningsen as Cady Heron, Kyle Selig as Aaron Samuels, Barrett Wilbert Weed as Janis, and Grey Henson as Damian.

While Fey said she'd returned to the source material for new developments, it looks like her squad will deliver the same quirky, b*tchy material that made the film so quotable. The new Plastics have big stilettos to fill, but the question remains: will or won't they make fetch happen?