Get Your '90s Nostalgia On With The 'Friends From College' Soundtrack

David Lee/Netflix

Netflix's Friends From College is a nostalgia trip for both the characters of the series and the audience watching it. Centering on a group of Harvard buddies reunited 20 years after graduation, the Friends From College Season 1 soundtrack features lots of '90s tunes to bring you back to the decade when Sam, Ethan, Lisa, Max, Nick, and Marianne met There is no word yet if the soundtrack will be released officially, but for now, you can create your own playlist of songs from the show, which include tunes from Pavement, The Sundays, Oasis, and more. (Spoilers for all of Season 1 ahead!)

In addition to its throwback soundtrack, Friends From College boasts a dream cast: Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Fred Savage, Annie Parisse, and Nat Faxon. As the titular friends, they try relive some of their glory days throughout the eight episodes of the series. Their adventures and conflicts are accompanied by tracks from popular '90s artists and plenty of references to the decade. In a couple of episodes, Ethan (Key) and Max (Savage) even attempt to revive their college stage show Monica Lewinsky: The Musical. It doesn't get any more '90s than that.

Add the following songs (listed in order of their appearance) from Friends From College Season 1 to make your own soundtrack playlist, and you can groove to all the classic tunes whenever you feel like it.

"Cut Your Hair" By Pavement

This 1994 track graces the opening credits of the first episode of the series.

"Wild Horses" By The Sundays

This classic '90s tune plays at the end of the pilot episode as Ethan and Sam make out in her Connecticut house while the rest of the friend group parties outside.

"Don't Look Back In Anger" By Oasis

The 1995 jam plays over the closing credits of the second episode.

"The Beat Goes On" By Buddy Rich

The third episode opens with this 1967 song as Ethan and Sam try to keep their colleagues, roommates, and spouses from seeing the public fornication fine a cop said they'd both receive in the mail.

"Cannonball" By The Breeders

This 1993 rock song accompanies Max and Ethan's drug-fueled brainstorm session in the third episode.

"Lady In Red" By Chris De Burgh

Sam and Lisa sing this 1986 classic while accompanied by piano at a classy bar in the third episode.

"Terrible/Perfect" By Built To Spill

The closing credits of the third episode features this song, released in 1994.

"Closer" By Tegan & Sara

The fourth episode opens with this uplifting 2013 love song during a romantic sequence in which Ethan and Sam meet up for another clandestine hook up.

"Brimful Of Asha" By Cornershop

The 1997 single is played during a montage of Ethan and Lisa's fertility treatments in the fourth episode.

"Lay You Down" By Spank

This slow jam plays as Lisa and Ethan prepare to administer their final fertility hormone shot in Episode 4.

"Seasons Of Love" From 'Rent'

In the fourth episode, Marianne's theater friends sing this '90s showtune at her cast party.

"Sleep On The Left Side" By Cornershop

This 1997 track plays over the fourth episode's end credits.

"Fade Into You" By Mazzy Star

You can't have the full '90s nostalgia experience without this song, which accompanies Ethan and Lisa's disappointment that their IVF treatment did not work in Episode 5.

"Hypnotize" By The Notorious B.I.G.

The classic 1997 rap track plays as the friend group has a slow-mo walk during their wine tasting trip.

"Tik Tok" By Kesha

The gang pole dances on the party bus to this 2010 hit tune in Episode 5.

"Waterfall" By The Stone Roses

The fifth episode closes with this atmospheric party jam as the friend group heads back from the wine tasting trip.

"Cake By The Ocean" By DNCE

This 2015 hit tune plays during a risque bridesmaids wedding dance in Episode 6.

"Uptown Funk" By Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars

The friend group gets down on the wedding dance floor during the sixth episode.

"Electric Boogie" By Marcia Griffiths

The 1990 song that launched the dance "Electric Slide" plays at the wedding in Episode 6.

"Gravity Rides Everything" By Modest Mouse

The sixth episode ends with this 2000 track, which plays as Marianne kicks Lisa and Ethan out of her apartment.

"Take Five" By The Dave Brubeck Quartet

This track accompanies a montage of Ethan, Sam, and Max during a trip back to Harvard.

"A Long December" By Counting Crows

Ethan and Sam decide to call off their affair in Episode 7 as the mellow '90s track plays.

"Never Said" By Liz Phair

The seventh episode closes with this 1993 tune.

"MMMBop" By Hanson

This staple '90s pop song plays during a montage in the season finale, in which Max works on Ethan's new book.

"Should've Been In Love" By Wilco

The opening credits of the season finale features this 1995 song.

"Gold Soundz" By Pavement

Season 1 starts with Pavement...and ends with another tune by the band during the closing credits of the season finale.

With this playlist, you can relive the Friends From College Season 1 and your own nostalgic memories through the songs from the series.