The 'GoT' Joke In 'Logan Lucky' Hilariously Pokes At George R.R. Martin's Writing Schedule

by Allie Gemmill

The charming, Southern-fried Ocean's 11 riff Logan Lucky is in theaters now and it's high on criminal buffoonery as it is on comedy. In fact, I'd wager that the comic beats of Logan Lucky are what will stick with you the most once you leave the theater. Take, for instance, the way Logan Lucky makes a Game of Thrones joke midway through the movie. The joke is part of one particularly amusing scene involving a prison riot and a whole lotta prisoners making some big demands.

It turns out that Game of Thrones is just as big a thing in the world of Logan Lucky as it is in real life. That's most evident during a mid-film prison riot scene, where the prisoners in question begin making some truly wild demands. Chief among those demands: getting the next book in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, which serves as the basis for the TV show. The prison warden delivers the sad news to the prisoners that that's one demand they can't honor because Martin hasn't written the book yet.

It's a fact that surprises even the prisoners because they are operating under the assumption that surely, after all the time that has passed since the last book was released, a new one would be out already. The assumption is also that some of them have been in prison so long that they would have missed the new book release; seeing their disappointment register onscreen is pretty dang funny.

The joke plays really well not only because the dialogue is delivered in a fairly straight-forward way (a hallmark of the comedy of director Steven Soderbergh, helmer of Logan Lucky) but because it's capitalizing on a long-running joke for those fans of both Martin's books and Game of Thrones. Essentially, it's been six years since Martin has released a new ASOIAF book and that's left the fandom clamoring to know how the story ends. In combination with fans of the TV show who are dying to know how things wrap up, the palpable exasperation turned into a movie punchline is just too perfect.

Seems like Logan Lucky truly offers something for everyone, even — especially — the Game of Thrones fandom.