Kit Harington References 'Game Of Thrones’ In All The Best Ways In A Video For His New Movie

by Kristie Rohwedder

Chaos may not be a ladder after all, but an audition with a CGI dragon who loves on-set shenanigans. To gear up for the final chapter in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, DreamWorks released Kit Harington's Game of Thrones reference-filled audition for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The GoT actor will once again play How to Train Your Dragon 2 character Eret in the franchise's third movie, which is slated to hit theaters next February. And all the way back in 2010, the former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch apparently "auditioned" for an "untitled fantasy TV drama" with Toothless the dragon.

And do not worry, there are multiple Game of Thrones references in this wonderfully topsy-turvy How to Train Your Dragon tryout. Come on, you really think they would make the Warden of the North tape something with an animated dragon and not give us some Thrones jokes? Well, then. Not going to question your honor, but I might question its existence.

For one thing, you've got Harington delivering some of his lines while wearing a fur capelet that Jon Snow would probably drape over his shoulders in the middle of the summer. Oh, and he also wears a floor-length cloak that is extremely Jon Snow— OK fine, Eret would probably wear both of those things, too. But come on, if you see Kit Harington stomping around in some sort of pelt situation, you can't not think of Jon Snow.

You want GoT references that have nothing to do with costumes? You GoT it. There is one part where Harington looks over the script and says,

“I’m a little confused about my part, really. I mean, first I’m dead, and then I’m not. No one knows who my mother is.”

Ah, yes. Playing a character who gets killed off only to be brought back to life is entirely uncharted territory for Harington. And as for a character who has no idea who his mom is? Huh. That may or may not ring a bell.

And may we not forget about the whole dragon element. Thanks to his time on Game of Thrones, the actor is no stranger to working with the winged mythical creatures. That being said, acting opposite Toothless is not quite the same as interacting with, say, Drogon; Daenerys’s children probably are not as into pranks as the How to Train Your Dragon character.

So when Harington decides he will attempt to pet Toothless while the cameras role?

Well, the moment is about as smooth as one of King’s Landing’s cobblestone streets. “Toothless, would you mind if I, um…” the GoT star begins before extending his hand toward the dragon’s muzzle. Just as he is about to make contact with Toothless’s face, Toothless lets out a big ol’ wet sneeze. It all feels oh-so right.

Jon Snow knows nothing about auditioning for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, er, an "untitled fantasy TV drama" without working in some Game of Thrones references. Thank Ghost for that.