'The Hills: New Beginnings' Got A New-ish Theme Song From Natasha Bedingfield

The Hills are alive with the sound of "Unwritten" version 2.0. Natasha Bedingfield remixed “Unwritten” for The Hills: New Beginnings' opening credits, and the reimagined version of her 2004 hit will make you want to hop into a BMW convertible and drive up and down the 405 during rush hour with the top down like you're LC in the original opening credits... all the while waxing nostalgic about where the years have gone. A lot has changed since The Hills was first on the air, but “Unwritten” remains as iconic as ever. And this remix for the reboot is the perfect way to pay homage to the original theme song while simultaneously ushering in a new chapter in The Hills story.

Don't worry, you do not have to wait all the way until The Hills: New Beginnings premieres on Monday, June 24 to hear Bedingfield’s new version of “Unwritten.” The network will unveil The Hills: New Beginnings credits sequence during the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Monday, June 17. Oh, and a few hours before the awards show aired, MTV shared shared some footage of Bedingfield and Linda Perry working on the 2019 version of "Unwritten" in the studio, teasing the to-be-released remix of the tune that launched a thousand.

"Doing a remix has been really fun," Bedingfield said in the preview. "A lot of times with remixes, people take the original vocals and then just change all the chords and beats around it. I wanted to re-sing it. I wanted to take where I’m at now and give it that new spin."

The original version of "Unwritten" was not inspired by LC or Speidi or Les Deux, but by Bedingfield's little brother. In a December 2018 interview with Contrast magazine, she explained, "You know what? ‘Unwritten,’ I wrote that for my youngest brother, but as I got older, I realized I needed to hear that song. I was writing the song and I was thinking, ‘What does a fourteen-year-old need to hear?’ So, I wrote that song."

She continued,

"As I have gotten older, I realized, that stuff, I still kind of need to hear it today. Like, I’m not getting too serious. I’m going out and having fun. You know, enjoying each moment, because sometime you can just get so obsessed with, you know, ‘One day when.’ Like, ‘one day when’ I get enough money, I can enjoy myself. I would tell myself to enjoy life a bit more. Breathe more. I wish I had started yoga earlier. It’s never really a bad time to start yoga, but it would have been a helpful thing for me to have that skill, because I had felt like I had to… I was always trying to please people a bit too much when I was younger and it would have been nice not to have that pressure."

A timeless message. A timeless song. A timeless reality show. Will the reboot of The Hills be timeless, too? Probably. But hey, only time will tell.