This Long-Awaited Reunion Finally Happened On 'GoT'


Well, for everyone who was wishing, hoping and waiting for a Cleganebowl to finally happen, prepare to (sort of) celebrate. The Hound and The Mountain reunited in the Game of Thrones season finale on Sunday night and it was extremely tense between the two angsty brothers. Of course, we didn't get a full blown fight between the two but just seeing them face-to-face was likely enough to satisfy a lot of fans.

While we didn't get Cleganebowl in all its glory, The Hound left his brother with a very ominous message. He stood directly in front of Zombie Mountain and after insulting him for finally being the uglier brother (lol), he cryptically said, "This isn't how it ends for you, brother." So, I think it is safe to say that one of these brothers is not getting out of this whole thing alive.

If you remember, this pair's complicated relationship stems from the fact that The Mountain was the one who scarred The Hound by shoving his face into fire when they were young. Now that The Mountain is serving Cersei, The Hound has an even bigger axe to grind with him, as The Hound isn't super fond of the Lannisters.

Regardless of how it actually ends between the Cleganes, fans can at least be happy that they got to meet again before this series comes to an end. After all, we still have a whole other season for Cleganebowl to happen.