Is The 'GoT' CleganeBowl Finally Happening?

It feels like theories about an epic showdown happening between the Clegane brothers have been around as long as Ned Stark has been telling people "winter is coming." However, as Refinery29 pointed out, the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer may have confirmed the CleganeBowl is finally happening. Start ordering your chicken wings now, folks, because if this fight goes down, it will no doubt be legendary.

In case you need a refresher, there has never been much love between The Mountain and The Hound. While they both served the Lannisters, The Hound could never forgive his brother for pushing his head into a fire when they were children. And who could blame him? By all accounts, The Mountain is a sadistic, twisted soul, and his attitude hasn't improved since Cersei had him turned into a zombie. Meanwhile, in Season 6, The Hound seemingly found a new purpose with the Brotherhood Without Banners, one that a split second of Season 7 footage hints could bring him face to face with his brother once more.

Since the scene in question is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, there's no real context. The only thing you can be sure of is that someone who could be The Hound is seen in a fighting pit with his sword drawn. It's long been believed the youngest Clegane would end up fighting for the Seven in a trial by combat scenario in which Cersei would choose The Mountain as her champion. Given that Cersei is now sitting on the Iron Throne and blew up the Great Sept, it's hard to imagine her worrying with the rest of her trial. At this point, it seems more likely something else entirely will draw the brothers into the ring for the CleganeBowl — if it happens at all.

Here's the catch: Lens flares prevent a clear view of the warrior's face, and while the person in question looks like The Hound, it also kind of looks like Bronn. At one point in the trailer, The Hound is clearly shown in the North, seemingly preparing to face down a few White Walkers. While these two scenes could be from separate parts of the season, it's still wise to keep your expectations in check.

There's no doubt a CleganeBowl needs to happen at some point. The Hound deserves a chance at revenge, and the audience needs this battle of brothers in their lives. Fingers crossed the scene from the trailer means this long-awaited battle is finally about to happen. But even if it doesn't, the good news is The Hound will be kicking butt in the North either way.