The 'Insecure' Season 2 Premiere Date Is This Summer, So Prepare For More Awkward Fun


Season 1 of Insecure helped cement Issa Rae as a major new talent for those who weren't already aware of her, so HBO's announcement back in Nov. 2016 that a second season would be on the way was more than a little exciting. Viewers fell in love with the show immediately, which was loosely based on Rae's popular YouTube series Awkward Black Girl. But as the first season of Insecure began airing in Sept. 2016, it seemed likely that fans would have a long wait on their hands before new episodes appeared. However, in a post on Tuesday, Rae announced that the Insecure Season 2 premiere date is happening this summer. 2017 finally did something right, you guys.

In a video posted on her social media accounts, Rae answered several questions fans had for her about Season 2 of Insecure, including whether or not her character was still single. While she chose to reply "no comment" to that one, Rae did have some super exciting news for the world. Insecure Season 2 has a premiere date, and it's way sooner than expected.

On July 23, 2017, Insecure will be back on HBO, alongside Game Of Thrones and Ballers. The team behind the show are hard at work on new episodes already, so please take this opportunity to do a little happy dance because something good happened.

Insecure follows college friends Issa and Molly as they navigate grown-up issues like work and relationships, while exploring social and racial issues. Molly is a successful attorney, and Issa works at a non-profit. It'll be exciting to see where the two best friends are at when the show returns in July, especially as the Season 1 cliffhanger left us with some major drama regarding Issa's love interest, Lawrence.

Season 2 of Insecure is sure to cement Rae's status as a talented writer and performer, and it'll be exciting to see how the critically acclaimed series develops. I'm so ready for this.