The Internet Condemns Trump’s Boy Scout Speech As Shamefully Desperate

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's appearance at the National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia caught the attention and anger of critics on Monday when his speech shifted into highly political territory. The Internet responded to Trump's Boy Scouts speech, calling it "shameful," "icky," and "sad," among other things. Some even criticized the president for rehashing some of his oldest talking points to the crowd of children and essentially turning the event into a rally.

In his short speech, Trump managed to trash talk Obamacare, threaten to fire Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price if his healthcare agenda doesn't get passed, take aim at his former presidential opponent Hillary Clinton for her campaign style, go after the "fake media," retell the story of his electoral college victory, talk about how people don't say "Merry Christmas" anymore, criticize (and encourage booing of) former President Barack Obama, and tell a long-winded story about being invited to another rich man's cocktail party. All in a day's work, right?

Trump's critics were troubled by the way the event seemed to mirror Trump's other rally appearances — particularly how it emphasized pro-Trump patriotism (and the "loyalty" he's so crazy about) without ever really offering too much of substance to the kids.

Considering the young audience involved, Twitter was full of people worried about the kids:

An Unforgettable Speech

Mark Harris on Twitter

(and not in the good way.)

An Adult's Mistake

3x09 Michael Carlson on Twitter

Kids didn't ask to be exposed to an ego-fluffing rally.

Sen. Chris Murphy Found It "Icky"

Chris Murphy on Twitter

For someone involved with the Scouts, he found it difficult to watch.

"There Is No Bottom"

Joy Reid on Twitter

There's the recurring theme of prioritizing an adult's ego over children.

Know Your Audience

Dan Pfeiffer on Twitter

Instead, critics believe these speeches should be about the communities he's addressing.

Well, When You Put It Like That ...

Jim Sciutto on Twitter


Chris Tucker on Twitter

Who's actually benefitting from this speech?

When They Go Lower ...

Susan Hunt on Twitter

They politicized a children's event.

Fanning The Fake News Flames?

Bradd Jaffy on Twitter

Here's hoping kids don't learn from his contempt for the fourth estate.

These Kids Didn't Ask For This

Harold Miner on Twitter

And they certainly didn't sign up for a Trump rally.

For many critics of Trump's Boy Scout appearance, there's a hope that next time he'll leave the kids out of it.