The ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer Song Helps To Raise The Stakes For The Troubled Anti-Hero — VIDEO


After a two-year wait, the trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2 has been released, and Netflix is holding nothing back. The preview to the dark, twisted follow-up is backed by a haunting melody that promises a difficult road for the troubled anti-hero. And while the trailer creates more questions than it provides answers, if you're curious about the song in the Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer, don't worry; that's the one aspect of this clip that we have definitive answers to.

The track is "Runaway" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a track released on the band's 2009 album It's Blitz, and it's the perfect choice for this brooding sneak peek. The song comes in simply, with a scattering of single notes played on a piano, contrasting starkly with the vivid, violent imagery of the car accident. When we left Krysten Ritter's Jessica at the end of Season 1, she was just starting to uncover her buried memories of the childhood wreck that took the life of her family and gave the superhero her powers. It's those images that are crowded into the beginning of the trailer. Fire and blood and noise and broken glass, punctuated by the sharp, clear notes of the song and meaningful lyrics that tie right into our anti-hero's journey:

I was feeling sad
Can't help looking back
Highways flew by
Run, run away
No sense of time
Like you to stay
Want to keep you inside

In this case, the "you" referred to in the lyrics could easily be read as an allegory for the memories that the traumatized detective wishes she could have kept inside. Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and Jessica is far from blissful throughout this two minute and 20 second offering.

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We see her sink deeper into her alcoholism and isolation, snapping at a bartender who asks whether she's drinking to remember or to forget. We see her poring over photos of the accident with her omnipresent tumbler beside her. We see her complaining about the toll that her lifestyle is taking on her, and punching a wall, wondering, "What if facing it makes me worse?"

She is literally and figuratively opening the door to her past, and all the while, the music builds in intensity behind her, as she pushes closer to understanding exactly what was done to her. And if it was done to others like her, as well, because that definitely seems like it will be a plot line in the second season.


And of course, with the torturer Kilgrave finally murdered for his crimes — RIP David Tennant — we'll need another villain. One option is a tattooed man who wants to absorb Jessica's case load and take over her investigations, and promises that he "won't take no for an answer." She calls that out for the problematic statement that it is, and there's already an immense amount of tension between the two, just from the trailer. And there's also no discernible information about this actor on the show's IMDb page or in any of its press, so his character and motivations are still a mystery.

Although it is worth noting that this is how films and TV shows tend to obscure details about their main villain, like when Benedict Cumberbatch swore up and down that he wasn't playing Khan in 2013's Star Trek: Into Darkness and then totally was.


Maybe the mystery man is the owner of the pair of hands clapping in the foreground at the end of the trailer as Jessica slowly puts it all together in the background. Basically, if you know less now than you did before you watched the trailer, that's probably exactly what Netflix wants. They want you to tune in for the entire 13-episode release on Mar. 8, and keep you guessing for every second until then, and they've got every element of the trailer — including the song — working toward that goal.