Your Preteen Self Will DIE When You See Who The Jonas Brothers Just Performed With

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Allow me, if you will, to set two scenes for you. In the first, I am 11, at a sleepover at my best friend's house. We're sitting on her bedroom floor when she turns to me and informs me, solemnly, that she has terrible news to share: Busted are splitting up. For ten minutes, we mourn in silence, two distraught preteens on a lilac carpet, both believing we have experienced heartbreak for the very first time.

In the second, I am 20, and though none of my new university friends know that at 16, I turned up at a Jonas Brothers concert five hours early to catch the briefest glimpse of them disembarking the tourbus, I still have a quiet cry to "A Little Bit Longer" in my bedroom every so often. The news breaks that the Jonas Brothers have separated. I play the entirety of Lines, Vines and Trying Times in tribute.

The point of that dramatic preamble, of course, is that Saturday was a big day for baby Emily, because the Jonas Brothers performed "Year 3000" with Busted at the Capital Summertime Ball. Yes, the originators of the futuristic underwater epic and the band who gave it new life united to fulfil the dreams of Noughties teens and preteens across the globe, and if you have any respect for your childhood self, I'd recommend you set aside four minutes and 24 seconds to watch the video:

Both the Jonas Brothers and Busted seemed pretty delighted about the collaboration: on Instagram, the JoBros wrote, "Year 3000 at #CapitalSTB with the one and only @busted!! Thank you guys for hitting the stage with us." Busted, meanwhile, posted an entire eight photos from the event, with the caption, "So this just happened."

The performance shouldn't come as too much of a surprise: speaking on radio show The Official Big Top 40 earlier this year, the Jonas Brothers expressed a desire to collaborate with Busted among others. "My fiancé constantly reminds me that 'Year 3000' is not our song," Joe said (referring to a pre-Vegas wedding Sophie Turner, of course). "We would love to work with them," he added. "I'm thrilled to see that they're back together and I like their new music too."

There's potential for another boyband team-up, too: Joe went on to say, "I know the McFly guys, obviously: one's on a Broadway show, one's a huge children's book author." (Sounds like he's referring to Harry Judd, who recently appeared in Rip It Up — The 60s on the West End alongside Louis Smith, Aston Merrygold and Jay McGuinness. Both Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter have written children's books.) "There are a lot of UK artists it'd be incredible to share a stage or share a song with," Joe said.

Nick, meanwhile, suggested some other future collaborations: "We love country music as well and a lot of hip-hop... we've got dreams of doing these songs that we've made with other artists," he said. Travis Scott and Post Malone are two such dream artists, he suggested. Long may the JoBro collabs continue!