The Kids From 'Baby Geniuses' Are All Grown Up, So Prepare To Have Lots Of Feelings — PHOTO

I live for "where are they now?" specials. Who doesn't want the scoop on what their favorite child stars are up to today? Especially when they've taken an extended vacay from the limelight. Lucky for us, BuzzFeed managed to track down the triplets from Baby Genuises, and they're all grown up and drop dead gorgeous. Hailing from Canada, Myles, Leo, and Gerry Fitzgerald took on the roles of Sylvester and Whit in the 1999 classic and its 2004 sequel at the tender ages of 5 and 11, respectively. They were the cutest little tykes then — and today, well, they're hot.

Be prepared to feel old. The brothers are reportedly 23 and juniors at north-central Minnesota's Bemidji State University, according to BuzzFeed. We hear all the time about how siblings in multiples go on a quest to find their own identities as they get older. Just take a look at Tia and Tamera Mowry, right? Even during their days on Sister Sister, they tried to set themselves apart from one another each and every chance they got. However, it looks like the Fitzgerald brothers aren't totally burned out from the matching outfits and triplet shenanigans just yet. Because, Myles, Leo, and Gerry are serving up some major heat together on their school's hockey team.

The folks over at BuzzFeed tweeted this epic pic comparison of the Fitzgerald triplets when they were cute and tiny tots vs. now, and I cannot stop staring:

As if that's not enough, the brothers have their very own social media pages to peruse. Like, obsessing over their good looks is one thing. But, getting to know their individual personalities and senses of humor gives a whole-nother-level of sweetness to this nostalgic moment. Life doesn't get much better than that.

And no judgement, here. If your mind is blown and you need to see more, you can check out photos of the Fitzgerald clan on Gerry's Instagram page. Or there's this in-depth New York Times profile about their college hockey career.

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Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were watching the trio fight off adult evil geniuses on screen. And now, they're full-fledged adults.

It's pretty cool to see that Myles, Leo, and Gerry traded in their acting chops for hockey sticks. And who knows, maybe they'll slide back into the limelight sooner than later. Because hey, the ESPYs has a red carpet, too.