Kim K's Latest KKW Beauty Campaign May Be The Most Extra Thing She's Ever Done

Kim Kardashian has graced us with a new product announcement less than 15 days after her major fragrance debut — and this one deserves just as much hype as the crystal-shaped Gardenia scents. Just in time for the glitter-bombed holiday season, Kimmy K has brought forth the Ultra Light Beam Collection, which is a line of five metallic glosses and their corresponding loose highlighters. They're meant to be ultra-fine and ultra-shimmery. And, as one can only expect from a Kardashian, she went all out and extra in the collection's campaign images.

With all the fine glitter in her products, Kardashian really wanted to get the message across that you'll shimmer and glow like a frosty diamond when you wear them. So she covered herself neck to toe in glitter for the photos. (Ironically enough, none of the shimmer was on her face. Art directors, eh?)

She gave fans a sneak peek of the shoot on the KKW Beauty Instagram, with her sitting cross legged and naked behind a silver backdrop, shimmering and glinting in between photo snaps.

Fans of the makeup brand were here for it, posting comments like "I'm shook" and "That's breathtaking." But seeing the quick three second video doesn't do justice to just how extra the actual campaign is fully enhanced. Let us begin by checking out the up-close-and-personal face shots that give the potential buyer an idea of how the glosses and loose powders will look outside of their packaging.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Here we have Kimmy K either inside an Icelandic ice cave or wrapped up in a gift basket in cellophane, the background glinting like her new products. The wig she's wearing is an icy platinum silver with black roots, which plays off the metallic collection theme. As you can see here, the glosses and powders pack a lot of punch when it comes to pigment and shine.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

So much gorgeous shimmer. It makes you want to douse yourself in it. But Kardashian is nothing but over the top, and she needed some real "wow" moments in the shoot to really capture beauty lovers' attention. And I would say she did just that.

Remember the quick campaign preview on her Instagram? Here it is in real life.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Sitting naked on a spool of cellophane come undone, Kim K has her silver hair scraped back into a high ponytail, wearing nothing but bronze and gold glitter. You get the vibe that she swam through loose shimmer and then climbed into a moon cave, giving it an ethereal and fantasy-like vibe.

Seeing how the name of the collection is Ultra Light Beam, it definitely has that galactic element to it.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Here, she somehow got her hair to curl upward like it was smoke curling from a blown out candle, making the image look even more mysterious and other-worldly. She's a glitter alien from another dimension.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

In this campaign photo we can see how pigmented the gold powder can get if you layer it up on your eyelids, like Kardashian did on her own eyes. If you look closely at her body, though, you can see an ombre effect of the different glitter colors her collection offers. Around her neck is gold, then it fades into rose gold, then off to bronze and copper.

If the photos have you intrigued to try out the line yourself, the products hit KKW Beauty on Dec. 1, so you don't have long to wait. The gloss and highlight duos are also reasonably priced, with a gloss and powder duo clocking in at $32. A box set of the Ultra Light Beam Collection, which contains every shade of gloss and powder, costs $160 for 10 products.

Now all that's left to do is mark your calendar and wait.