Everything Is Awesome On 'Lego Batman's Soundtrack

Batman once again reigned atop the box office last weekend, but it wasn't Ben Affleck wearing the cape and cowl. The Lego Batman Movie, which features Will Arnett as the gravelly voice of the caped crusader, took in $55,000,000 in its first weekend, beating out other big newcomers Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick: Chapter 2. The film is funny, heartwarming, action-packed, and has one surprising trick up its sleeve: The Lego Batman Movie soundtrack is one of the best movie soundtracks of the year.

Neither Batman nor animated family films are particularly known for having great music, but that's exactly what The Lego Batman Movie has in spades. By mixing an incredibly diverse collection of songs from varied genres like classic rock from the likes of Harry Nilsson and Cutting Crew, covers of timeless songs by Michael Jackson and David Bowie, and some catchy original tracks by current acts like DNCE and Kirsten Arian, the movie has come up with a winning combination. Even The Lego Movie anthem "Everything Is Awesome" makes an appearance. Check out the full track list below:

  1. "Who's the (Bat)Man" - Patrick Stump
  2. "Forever" - DNCE
  3. "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" - Cutting Crew
  4. "Invincible" - Kirsten Arian
  5. "One" - Harry Nilsson
  6. "Heroes (We Could Be)" (Hard Rock Sofa and Skidka Remix) - Alesso feat. Tove Lo
  7. "Man in the Mirror" - Alex Aiono
  8. "Friends Are Family" - Oh, Hush! feat. Will Arnett, Jeff Lewis
  9. "I Found You" - Fraser Murray
  10. "Forever" (Tranter Version) - Justin Tranter
  11. "Man in the Mirror" - Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine
  12. "Everything Is Awesome" - Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine

And since just reading the titles of these fun tracks doesn't nearly do them justice, here are a selection of some of the best.

"Invincible" - Kirsten Arian

This Katy Perry-esque song will. Pump. You. Up.

"Who's the (Bat)Man" - Patrick Stump

I think I just found my new workout song.

"I Found You" - Fraser Murray

Finally: A love song from Robin to Batman.

"Man in the Mirror" - Alex Aiono

A Michael Jackson song works in any situation, regardless of who's singing it. In this case, though, Alex Aiono performs an especially fitting rendition of a classic.

"Friends Are Family" - Oh, Hush! feat. Will Arnett, Jeff Lewis

Calling it now: This will be this movie's "Everything Is Awesome."

The Lego Batman Movie soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to the action, humor, and heart on screen, and fans shouldn't expect anything less from this franchise.