Lisa Frank Dropped A Line Of iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch Accessories For Grownup Fans

Courtesy of CASETiFY

Calling all ‘90s kids: You can now dress up your iPhones, Mac Books, and more in some of the most iconic designs of the era in which you grew up. The Lisa Frank x CASETiFY collection just dropped, bringing all the neon and rainbow-hued animals, characters, and other designs that made up the life of a Lisa Frank-obsessed kid back to us once more — only this time, we’re not just talking about folders, stickers, and other stationary supplies. Thanks to a partnership between Lisa Frank and tech accessory company CASETiFY, these beloved, highly-identifiable designs are now available on phone cases, iPad sleeves, Mac Book cases, and more. What a time to be alive!

CASETiFY got its start with a gimmick: At the time of its founding in 2011, when it was still known as Casetigram, its main draw was the fact that it allowed people to turn their Instagram photos into personalized phone cases. As is wont to happen, though, the company evolved over time and began to offer a wider variety of tech accessories featuring both their own designs and the make-it-your-own style that had originally gotten them on the map. A 2018 rebrand gave CASETiFY a new look and visual identity — and these days, it’s known as much for its own unique designs and its collaborations as it is for its customization abilities.

Knowing all this, it’s perhaps unsurprising that CASETiFY would eventually team up with Lisa Frank; the two brands share a similar “you do you” philosophy. As CASETiFY co-founder and CEO Wes Ng said in a press release provided to Bustle, “Anyone familiar with CASETiFY and Lisa Frank knows about their mission to promote self-expression. This collection with Lisa Frank is an exciting partnership that feels like a natural next step for two brands fueled by creativity, and we can’t wait to see how the fans react to what our teams have come up with.”

At the same time, though, what is somewhat surprising is the fact that Lisa Frank is still around to collaborate with anyone at all. A staple of ‘90s culture, the brand has lately become synonymous with the sense of nostalgia surrounding that decade — and yet it’s become embattled in recent years, with its massive and once-bustling Tucson, Ariz. headquarters turning more or less into a ghost town as the company downsized.

The brand does resurface from time to time, though; in 2012, for example, a partnership with Urban Outfitters put tons of vintage Lisa Frank stationary and products back on the market, and the Lisa Frank Instagram account has grown into a spectacularly kooky and much-loved corner of the internet. (The account is run by Frank’s offspring, Forrest Green.) And now the CASETiFY collaboration has brought Frank’s brightly-colored leopards, unicorns, and kittens back into our lives once more — with a high-tech twist.

Available online as of midnight on Aug. 29, Lisa Frank x CASETiFY represents Lisa Frank’s first foray into the world of tech accessories. The collection includes iPhone cases covering the iPhone 7 through XS Max generations, Apple Watch bands, iPad and Mac Book cases, wireless charging pads, and even “ring holders” — a PopSocket-like accessory that attaches to the back of your phone to provide both an additional handhold and a way to prop the device up so that it can stand freely on its own (The difference between a ring holder and a PopSocket is that the ring doesn’t “pop out” the same way PopSockets do; rather, it’s on a hinge, allowing you to rotate it 180 degrees and set it at whichever degree you like.)

The designs come in several forms, including all-over prints, singular images blown up large, and even an aesthetic might describe as “beloved object that’s been wallpapered with Lisa Frank stickers.” There’s a little something for every kind of Lisa Frank fan here, too: Love the classic kitty, puppy, rabbit, polar bear, and other animal-type characters characters? This collection has you covered. More into the pop art-esque food designs? That’s here, too. Are unicorns still absolutely your jam? Here you go. Thinking of storming Area 51? LOOK AT ALL THESE LITTLE GREEN CREATURES.

There are even plenty of options if the draw of Lisa Frank for you is more based on the colors than on the characters. Several rainbow-colored, tie-dye, and leopard-print “composition book” styles are available — and although I’m not exactly sure I’d call them “sedate,” they’re a tiny bit more subtle than, say, the phone cases covered in aliens driving around in vintage cars.

All in all, there are more than 50 items to choose from priced between $20 and $72 — so if you’re looking to inject a little ‘90s color back into your life, the Lisa Frank x CASETiFY collection might be the perfect way to accomplish that goal. The items are available to order online at CASETiFY’s website now, for as long as supplies last. Head here to check it all out. Happy shopping!