How To Get A Custom iPhone Case Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner's accessories game typically involves a great pair or sunnies or a pair of furry slides, but every now and then, she throws in a piece that's not just adorable, but also customizable. Jenner's custom iPhone Kylie case may have been specially created for her, but you can also snag the glittering accessory thanks to Casetify.

Jenner's selfie game is next level and in a recent image, the star showcased not just her face but her phone as well. The mirror selfie showed a clear, glitter phone case with her name in bold, block letters down the center. It was very Jenner, and in fact, it looked like it could easily be a new edition case for the Kylie Shop. Luckily for fans, however, the case is from Casetify, and you don't have to walk around with Jenner's name on your phone — but you can if you want — you can create your own.

On the Casetify website, you can customize the type of glitter you'd like — hello, holographic unicorn glitter — the font, direction, and name (or other word) you'd like on the case. Whether you're feeling unicorn vibes, love rosy hues, or want silver like Jenner's case, there are a lot of case options.

What phones will the cases fit? You're in luck if you've got any version of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or the iPhone 7 — this includes the Plus versions. For Android users, you may have to search for a similar case elsewhere.

Courtesy of Casetify

The cases, while definitely not cheap, aren't too pricy either. For $45, you can have a customized case just like Jenner's. Even if you're not a Jenner fan, the personalized case are still adorable.

Say May Name Glitter Case, $45, Casetify

If you want to snag your own iPhone case that's just like Jenner's, head to Casetify now. From your name to holographic glitter, these personalized cases are too cute.