The Literary Heroine For Your Zodiac Sign

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We all have our favorite books characters. These are the characters who inspire us, or make us laugh, or fill us with righteous feminist rage. But which literary lady best matches your personality? Are you a sword-wielding female knight? A witty Edwardian woman in search of a husband? A small red-headed Swedish girl with the unexplained ability of super-strength? Here's the one literary heroine for you, based on your zodiac sign.

And yes, I know a lot of people like to roll their eyes at the entire discipline of astrology (I suspect that these are the same people who dismiss any book with kissing in it as "chick lit" and refuse to read YA as adults). But I am firmly in the camp of "astrology is fun," whether or not it's "real." I mean, hey, we like all these fictional characters, and they're not exactly "real." And astrology does remind us that there's no wrong way to be a protagonist: you can be a fiery Aries or a thoughtful Pisces, and still get your very own book series.

So, if you've ever wondered whether you're more of a Hermione Granger or a Lizzie Bennet, check out the literary heroine for your star sign:

Aries: Alanna

As an Aries, you know your own mind and you don't give up easily. You also have purple eyes and a natural gift for swords and horses, because you're Alanna the Lioness. When Alanna was told that knighthood was for boys, she cut her hair, slapped on a pair of pants, and went off to be a knight anyway, like a true Aries would (she also had that awesome birth control necklace, where can I get one of those?).

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Taurus: Jo March

Jo from Little Women is stubborn, like any true Taurus would be. She sticks to her guns, especially when it comes to ignoring traditional gender roles. But she's also a caring sister, a creative thinker, and a (secret) romantic, when it comes down to it.

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Gemini: Holly Golightly

You can sometimes come across as a fun party girl, Gemini, but there's usually something more complex going on under the surface. Much like the bubbly, complicated Holly Golightly, you have a sparkling wit and a bright personality—unless people get on your bad side, because you're much tougher than you seem.

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Cancer: Janie Crawford

Cancers might be the emotional, sensitive, hopeless romantics of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean they're not strong. Take Janie Crawford, for instance: all she wants is to love and be loved. She has to wade through three marriages to find true romance, and even then everything goes horribly wrong. But, after multiple tragedies, she still finds strength within herself, and her enormous capacity for love ends up helping her in the end.

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Leo: Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina is also a bit of a romantic... but in a much bigger way. She's all about grand Russian stories and taking center stage. And Leos know how to take center stage. Sure, she can be theatrical, and sometimes just a teensy bit self-involved, but there's a reason that she's endured as one of the biggest, most fabulous literary characters in the world.

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Virgo: Hermione Granger

Sure, Hermione is fierce enough to fit with several more fiery signs... but at the end of the day, she's a perfectionist Virgo (plus, you know, she was born in September). Hermione works tirelessly and never settles for anything less than perfection. But, like a true Virgo, she's not so uptight that she can't occasionally enjoy hanging with friends or dating international Quidditch stars.

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Libra: Lizzie Bennet

As a Libra, you're balanced, bright, and everyone is low-key in love with you. Much like Lizzie, you have a sharp wit that you can use for sarcastic comments, or for charming the pants off of everyone you meet. You're an intellectual who also enjoys a turn around the ballroom every now and then, especially if a rich, awkward bachelor is involved.

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Scorpio: Elphaba

I'm not saying that you're evil, Scorpio... you're just very intense. You're deeply loyal to your friends and utterly ruthless to your enemies. You may not live in Oz or have green skin, but you certainly share Elphaba's ferocity and passion, even if the rest of the world doesn't quite get it.

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Sagittarius: Pippi Longstocking

You're fun, you're clever, and you have super-strength, just like Pippi Longstocking. OK, so even if you aren't a little girl with super-strength and a pet monkey, Sagittarius embodies Pippi's adventurous attitude. Sagittarius is the sign you invite over to get the party started, to talk philosophy with, or to take you on a spontaneous trip out of your small Swedish town.

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Capricorn: Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is possibly the most professional 16-year-old in the literary canon. She's independent, logical, well-spoken, and has the disturbingly coiffed hair of a politician's wife. Like any Capricorn, she's intensely goal-oriented and efficient, and she knows when to congratulate herself for a well-solved mystery.

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Aquarius: Jane Eyre

Sometimes it can feel like Aquarians are living on their own planet, or at least having their own private conversation with some kind of invisible reader. Like any Aquarius, Jane is imaginative and forward-thinking, intelligent, and slightly unpredictable. She can be quiet and withdrawn on occasion, but she can also stand up for herself when her idiot boyfriend does things like lock his first wife in an attic.

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Pisces: Anne Shirley

Anne of Green Gables could only ever be a Pisces. She's dreamy and helpful, a little bit quirky, and highly intuitive. She's always talking about fairies or dying her hair green or something, but she's such a delight that people like her anyway. Like all Pisces, she's just swimming through life looking for kindred spirits.

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