The 'Love Actually' Sequel Updates Hugh Grant's Dancing Antics With The Perfect Drake Song — VIDEO

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For fans of the classic rom-com Love Actually, the sequel made for the U.K.'s charity event Red Nose Day proved to be a hit. One of the most talked about moments was watching Hugh Grant's Prime Minister dance to "Hotline Bling," which was a pitch-perfect callback to his infamous dancing sequence in the original Love Actually. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly and viewers in the U.K. who had the amazing instinct to record this vital bit of Red Nose Day Actually (the title for the Love Actually sequel — how cheeky), we can now enjoy all of the Prime Minister's dance moves to the modern hit. We also, through his dancing, get some amusing life updates about the character as well.

In case your memory is a bit hazy, in the original Love Actually, there's a truly hilarious moment where David, the Prime Minister, hears the song "Jump For My Love" by The Pointer Sisters, turns up the radio, and begins dancing around Number 10 Downing Street (the official residence of the U.K.'s Prime Minister). He really goes for it as the song can be heard throughout the house. He dances through hallways, down a flight of stairs, and then into a big sitting room. He's eventually caught by one of his staff and he abruptly stops. Classic.

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For Red Nose Day Actually, David is re-creating this magical sequence, but in 2017, The Pointer Sisters just won't do. So, who is equally as hip, yet more modern, to dance to when nobody's watching? Drake, obvs. It's not just any Drake song that gets David, most noble of Prime Minister's, to shake his booty. It can only be "Hotline Bling."

The scene starts just as it does in Love Actually — with David standing and looking out of his window, listening to the music and really getting into the groove. Then, much like Drake's very unusual dances moves, David starts dancing in a jerky, groovy kind of way, much like your dad would dance at a wedding.

After David dances his way around Number 10, he throws his back out when he's surprised by Natalie. She's there to offer him a cup of tea and remind him he's getting too old to be dancing around so cavalierly. Davis quickly shoots back the lyrics to Natalie as his defense, "When I hear that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing." Presumably, that "one thing" is that he can't just keep all his dancing energy contained.

I mean, how cute is that? Not only are David and Natalie still going strong, but it looks like David still loves to have a good dance sesh when nobody's watching. Sadly, American fans will have to wait until May 25 to see Red Nose Day Actually, but that's totally OK. These clips should tide us over until then.