The 'Love Is Blind' Pods Are Ready For More Romance


Netflix's reality series that follows couples who fall in love while sitting in pods and talking through a wall has been a huge success. So, naturally, with Season 1 coming to a close, the Love Is Blind pods are ready for more couples. While talking to Entertainment Tonight about his hopes for a Season 2, showrunner Chris Coelen also teased that the pods, where the couples date and get engaged are just waiting for new contestants.

"The pods still exist," Coelen teased about the futuristic rooms that were built on a custom-designed set in Atlanta, Georgia. "They're ready to go! For many versions to come and hopefully people around the world spending time in the pods."

After forming an emotional connection in the enclosed space, many of the Love Is Blind couples miraculously fell in love and got engaged before meeting in person, with the hopes of getting married after only 38 days. The pods serve as a "blind" speed-dating space for the men and women, where they decide whether or not they're meant to be, and, they've definitely been witness to blossoming romances.

Coelen also said that the pods were specifically-designed to enhance the couples' experiences. In a separate interview with Variety in a February, he explained that the pods were soundproofed so the couples were completely isolated and couldn't hear other pod conversations. "We basically had a small speaker in the front wall and you would hear the other person who was in the other pod," Coelen revealed.


The contestants also lived in a studio (the men and women had separate quarters) next to the pods, so they could access them whenever they wanted. Coelen told Variety some people even slept in the pods during dates.

Seeing as the pods are ready for new love, one might be wondering if a potential second season would also take place in Atlanta, where Season 1 was filmed and most of the contestants lived. Coelen didn't reveal any plans, and it's unclear if the pods are portable. That said, he did say he wanted "people around the world" to spend some time in those pods. So they might be moving soon.