Meet The 'Love Island' U.S. Contestants Who Are Ready For A Summer Romance

by Savannah Walsh

A new reality competition series that's already made a splash internationally is coming to the U.S. on Tuesday, July 9 on CBS. Hosted by actor Arielle Vandenberg, the cast of America's Love Island has been officially announced — and these singles are looking for sun-soaked romance.

Originally a popular British series, Love Island has some major Bachelor in Paradise meets Survivor vibes. A group of 11 singles will congregate in one villa in Fiji in search of a love connection — and a cash prize. Each week, new contestants will be entering in order to make waves. Fans can get a taste of the series with its 90-minute premiere special on July 9, before enjoying episodes every weeknight through August 7.

Each original cast member shares some traits (namely being in their twenties and concerned with coupling up.) But that's ultimately where the similarities stop. Contestants come from all over the country and various backgrounds. You've got your models, musicians, and even a college student. (Most elaborate spring break ever??) Prepare to get to know the Love Island lovers a little better — that way, you'll know who you're rooting for when you're inevitably sucked into this seasonal guilty pleasure.

Elizabeth Weber


Elizabeth is a 24-year-old New Yorker who isn't afraid to venture beyond the concrete jungle for traveling, rollerblading or beach volleyball. This contestant is an advertising exec, so no fake Bachelor job here. Plus, she's got a thing for Shawn Mendes, so we know she can be trusted.

Caroline "Caro" Viehweg


Caro's just another 21-year-old from LA, looking for her "Rock." No, literally, this marketing student has her sights set on a Dwayne Johnson-type. (If there even is such a thing?!) She's searching for spiritual, loving, and authentic, boxes the actor seemingly checks off. But will anyone on the island?

Mallory Santic


Our vote for contestant with the coolest job undeniably goes to this 25-year-old from Washington. She's your run-of-the-mill...analyst for Nike? So, it makes sense that this career-driven contestant wants someone "motivated." However, loud chewers need not apply.

Alana Morrison


Alana, who may or may not be a student at Yale, (her bio brands her as a college student in New Haven...) has never had a boyfriend. This is certainly one way to wade into the dating pool.

Alexandra Stewart


Alexandra has relatable romantic goals. Her dream guy is Liam Hemsworth (get in line), but above all this publicist is willing to dole out bonus points to tall suitors.

Kyra Green


Kyra gives off some major hippie musician vibes. Per her bio, she's "looking for that special somebody with a skater, artistic vibe." Her celeb crush is Johnny Depp, which pretty much tracks with this theory.

Cashel Barnett


If Kyra's got a funny bone, she may be the one for Cashel. His dream girl is "someone funny" ala Tina Fey. He's a musician AND model, so something tells us he's a bit of a performer.

Yamen Sanders


This 24-year-old real estate agent is a real jack of all trades. He's described as both "the life of the party" and a stellar advice-giver.

Michael Yi


This Miami model's more of a love at first sight believer. His bio states, "While he can't describe his ideal romantic partner, he's confident he'll know her when he meets her."

Weston Richey


In addition to being a photographer, this 25-year-old from Dallas has built his own house. He's also looking for versatility in the form of beauty inside AND out.

Zac Mirabelli


Ok, so if Grocery Store Joe from The Bachelorette had a clone, this is it. Seriously. Zac's a grocery store cashier from Chicago looking for a "goofy girl." Eerie stuff, folks.

Now that you've met the players, you start to decide whether they've got any game or if they are destined to strike out on this season of Love Island.