The First Look At Jaclyn Hill's Palette Is Here

The world is patiently, or not-so-patiently, awaiting the launch of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette. Although the exact details on the new product haven't been released yet, the YouTuber is giving some hints to tide Hillsters over. Jaclyn Hill showed the palette's packaging on Snapchat, and fans are freaking out over the design. How is the Jaclyn Hill Palette different from Morphe's other shadow sets? Everything from the colors to the design is completely original.

After keeping this palette a secret for over a year, Hill is finally sharing some sneak peeks. First, the YouTubers swatched a few of the eyeshadows on her Snapchat. That, of course, got her fans super excited about the launch. Now she's doing it again by sharing the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette packaging. It's absolutely gorgeous, but a lot different from the brand's typical shadow kits.

To start with, it's not black. According to Snapchat, the palette is white with "The Jaclyn Hill Palette" written in silver. It's a very elegant feel and much different from the typical red and black look of the brand's packages. The back is the same color scheme, but says Morphe x Jaclyn Hill with tiny little "JH"s printed on the packaging in a print. Prepare yourself, because once you see it, you'll instantly want it in your collection.

Jaclyn Hill Snapchat

The color scheme is similar to her Champagne Collection Palette with BECCA. Except this time it's white and silver instead of white and gold. Hill said on social media that she was in complete control of the shades and the packaging. This is one heck of a collab, if you ask me.

Jaclyn Hill Snapchat

On the back of the package is a photo collage of Hill along with a note to her fans. She said on Snapchat that they had to take the photos twice, because it took so long to make the palette.

Jaclyn Hill Snapchat

She worn some of the shades on social media too. Although she only shared a few of the shades, here's a sneak peek of what colors are inside. As all Hillsters know, Hill is a fan of burn red and copper shades, which is exactly what she's wearing in the photo.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what's inside!