People Are Sharing The Silliest Thing They've Done To Impress A Crush & It'll Give You Flashbacks

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Trying to impress your crush can lead you to do some pretty interesting things. And by interesting, I mean embarrassing. I certainly embarrassed myself more than once falling all over myself to impress someone I liked. The cringe-worthy lyrics in your AIM profile, wearing a shirt with their favorite band on it, taking up a sport that they like even though you're awful at it — I've done it all. Luckily, I'm not alone. This new Reddit thread has users sharing the silliest things they've done to impress a crush. And, damn, they're pretty embarrassing.

From romantic gestures that are really larger than life to waiting on the person and doing their homework, it all happens. So if you're having flashbacks to something stupid that you've done for a crush's attention, don't worry about it. These are the kind of experiences that you look back on and learn to laugh at... eventually. They say humiliation builds character, right?

The truth is, if you have a crush, rather than bending over backwards to impress them you may just want to consider going for it and asking them out. "Take a risk IRL and ask this person out on a date," Chicago-based dating expert Stef Safran tells Bustle. It'll save you all that trouble.

What trouble, you ask? Well, that trouble looks a little something like this. Here are the most ridiculous things people have done to impress their crush, according to Reddit:


This Step Too Far

That is a lot of effort for, well, for literally zero reward. I don't want to think about how much this probably cost this person.


My Dearest Mary

I mean, this is amazing — and terrible. Also this person's username really, really fits. I hope they've settled lovely person who loves period dramas.



I mean, that's the end goal, right? I'm guessing that the relationship didn't go well. They don't sound bitter at all.


Getting Called Out

We think we are so chill in our fourth grade displays of affection. I'm cringing just thinking about all of the obvious things I must have done throughout elementary school.



This is the most tragic, but also a pretty common thing people do when they have a crush on someone. Setting them up with someone else and trying to play it so cool when your heart is actually shattered into a thousand pieces — that's just high school, right?


The "Wrong Text" Move

I have been there. I've been there on text, I've been there on AIM, I've been there on Facebook messenger. It's always super obvious, but that doesn't stop anyone.



OK, this really is the dumbest decision ever. Smoking kills, people.



I like that there's not more explanation as to why she tried to smash a ring on the ground until it breaks. Did she really just not like this person — or did she have a thirst for destruction?


To The Other Side Of The World

That's a properly grand romantic gesture — but at least they said it all turned out well. I mean, I don't see how it turned out well, but I'll take their word for it.



And it worked, right? Hey, I'd be on board.


A Giraffe

Paint me, Jack, paint me like one of your French giraffes.


Running For Love

That may sound idiotic, but I'm sure this person is not alone. I had a friend become obsessed with ski racing, despite hating the cold and heights, just to impress a guy that she liked. It was a disaster.


I Don't Even Know

I don't really understand what happened here, but I totally love it.


The Middleman

This is worse than just setting them up with someone they like — being the middleman has the humiliation of going back and forth every day. Oof.


Honesty Is The Best Policy?

Honesty is the best policy sometimes. Sometimes. When you're not shouting it and embarrassing people.



That's one way to impress them... or have them take total advantage of you all the time. One or the other.

These stories are giving me way too many flashbacks to embarrassing things I did in high school. And my friends did. And basically everyone going through puberty did. It's nothing to feel bad about — it's just a part of growing up. But next time, just ask them out.