The New Movies & Shows On Netflix This Week Include Your Next Fave Baking Show


There are innumerable reality shows on television these days, showcasing everything from dating and real estate to singing competitions and famous people being famous, but one of the most endearing has to be the humble baking show. There's just something about watching people craft delicious baked goods in a good-natured competition that makes for entertaining and satisfying TV, and Netflix is generally a good place to find these types of shows. So thankfully, among the new movies and shows on Netflix this week is a brand new baking competition series that's sure to become your latest obsession.

The show is called Sugar Rush, and in case you couldn't tell from the title, it's focused entirely on desserts. The show features four teams of bakers who square off against one another for a $10,000 prize, and they need to show a mastery over all types of delicious sweets in order to win. The contest works like this: In the first round, the teams have to make cupcakes. In round two, they're tasked with creating confections. And in round three, they put all their effort into creating a show-stopping cake. But there's a twist. Since the series is called Sugar Rush, all the rounds are timed, and the bakers will have a ridiculously short amount of time to bake each of their creations.


Sugar Rush is produced by Magical Elves, who are also behind fellow cooking series Nailed It! and Top Chef. The series is hosted by Hunter March and judged by renowned pastry chefs Adriano Zumbo and Candace Nelson, the latter of whom is the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes. And although Sugar Rush will likely be the most exciting new release on Netflix this week for a good number of people, there's plenty more shows and movies hitting the streaming site in the coming days for those of you who aren't into baking competitions. So check out the full list below for everything new that's streaming on Netflix this week.


'Lockup: Extended Stay': Collection 1 - July 9

This collection of episodes from the popular MSNBC series gives more in-depth looks at the prisons they're highlighting.


'Drug Lords': Season 2 - July 10

The second season of this Netflix original docuseries will take a look at a new batch of ruthless kingpins and traffickers.


'Gone Baby Gone' - July 12

These days, the idea of Ben Affleck directing a film seems pretty normal — he won a Best Director Golden Globe for 2012's Argo — but back in 2007 it was more of a novelty, with this well-received drama acting as the star's directing debut.


'How It Ends' - July 13

Divergent's Theo James tries his hand at carrying an action film in this thriller where he tries desperately to reach his pregnant wife following an apocalyptic event.


'Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now' - July 13

This new Netflix comedy special allows the witty Australian to riff on some of his favorite topics without the basic cable restrictions of his Comedy Central series.


'Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain' - July 13

Released five years ago, this stand up special sees Kevin Hart just as he is about to ascend to the highest reaches of comedy superstardom — a spot where he still sits comfortably today.


'The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants' - July 13

This new children's series is another product of Netflix's deal with Dreamworks Animation, and is based on last year's hit film Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.


'Sugar Rush' - July 13

Four teams of bakers must make sweet and beautiful creations in almost no time in this fast-paced competition.


'Bonusfamiljen': Season 2 - July 15

The title of this Swedish dramedy translates to Bonus Family, and it's essentially a modern day and more realistic version of The Brady Bunch that shows what happens when two families become one.


'Going for Gold' - July 15

This Australian film sees an American teenager move to the Land Down Under and find her place among her new high school's cheering squad.


'The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale': Part 2 - July 15

Joel McHale continues his pseudo The Soup reboot for a second season of mocking pop culture and the news with more sarcasm than you can handle.

Netflix offers a great mix of movies and shows this week to keep you entertained, and since the country is currently in the midst of a heatwave, you might as well stay cool inside and watch as many as you can.