The New Movies & Shows On Netflix This Week Include One Of The Best Series You Missed Last Year

Liz Minch/Bustle

There's so much content these days that it's tough to keep up with all of it. Between all of the original shows produced by broadcast and cable TV stations, streaming platforms, tech companies, and online entities, there's bound to be some some amazing series that slip through the cracks. So it's no surprise that hidden among all the new movies and shows hitting Netflix this week is one of the best TV series you probably missed last year.

The series in question is The Sinner, a Golden Globe-nominated drama that debuted in 2017 on the USA network. The first season of the show consists of just eight episodes, making it a quick watch, but those eight hours will be all it takes to leave you engrossed. The series stars Jessica Biel as a seemingly average wife and mother who suddenly commits a gruesome murder by stabbing a man on the beach, in full view of other beachgoers, while on vacation with her family. Without knowing why she would do such a thing, the show starts to unravel her past, leading to some shocking revelations. In addition to Biel, who earned a Globe nomination for her role, the show also stars Christopher Abbott, who portrays her husband, and Bill Pullman, who plays the detective assigned to her case.

The Sinner may be the headliner of the new Netflix releases, but it's not the only hidden gem arriving on Netflix this week. Take a look below at 19 new offerings the streaming site will be offering in the days ahead.

1. 'The Sinner': Season 1 — July 2

The Sinner on YouTube

The series is hitting Netflix just in time for you to get caught up, as Season 2 arrives on USA Aug. 1.

2. 'Dance Academy: The Comeback' — July 2

Cinedigm on YouTube

This teen drama out of Australia takes place at, you guessed it, a prestigious dance academy. Is there any other kind?

3. 'Good Witch': Season 4 — July 2

Hallmark Channel on YouTube

Does anybody do feel good TV better than Hallmark Channel? This supernatural drama is no exception, and now you can catch up on its latest season.

4. 'Romina' — July 2

Cinenauta MX on YouTube

This Mexican horror flick is not for the faint of heart, to say the least.

5. 'The Comedy Lineup' — July 3

Netflix on YouTube

Netflix continues to shine a light on up-and-coming stand up comics with this showcase of 15-minute sets.

6. 'Blue Valentine' — July 5

StudiocanalUK on YouTube

The highly acclaimed romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams finds a new home on Netflix this week.

7. 'Anne With An E': Season 2 — July 6

Netflix UK & Ireland on YouTube

This reimagining of the classic Anne of Green Gables has earned itself a second season on Netflix, much to the delight of Canadians.

8. 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2018: Freshly Brewed' — July 6

Netflix on YouTube

Jerry Seinfeld's light and funny interview series moved its old episodes from Crackle to Netflix earlier this year, but this marks the debut of the new Netflix-produced episodes.

9. 'First Team: Juventus': Part B — July 6

Netflix on YouTube

Just in time for the World Cup, here's the second season of this Netflix documentary chronicling the ups and downs of Italian soccer club Juventus F.C.

10. 'Free Rein': Season 2 — July 6

Aquarii on YouTube

Horse fans will enjoy this teen-focused drama out of Britain that looks at the relationship between girl and equine.

11. 'Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons': Season 2 — July 6

What's on Netflix on YouTube

If you're looking for some extra motivation to not break any laws, this is it.

12. 'Sacred Games' — July 6

Netflix on YouTube

This Netflix original series from India is based on the 2006 thriller novel of the same name by Vikram Chandra.

13. 'Samantha!' — July 6

Netflix on YouTube

Netflix continues to expand its international offerings with this Brazilian comedy about a former child star who's married to a soccer player/ex-con.

14. 'Somebody Feed Phil: The Second Course' — July 6

Best TV Series & Movie Trailers by FilmIsNow on YouTube

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Philip Rosenthal is back to eat more food in more countries.

15. 'The Fosters': Season 5 — July 6

TV Promos on YouTube

The final season of this GLAAD Media Award-winning Freeform drama just ended last month, but you can already see what you missed thanks to Netflix.

16. 'The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter' — July 6

Netflix on YouTube

Deer hunting is just the backdrop for this father-son bonding comedy starring Josh Brolin.

17. 'The Skin Of The Wolf' — July 6

MiamiFilmFestival on YouTube

This Spanish drama is making its U.S. premiere on Netflix, so watching it will make you a cultured pioneer of sorts.

18. 'White Fang' — July 6 on YouTube

The classic novel by Jack London, which Disney made into a memorable live action film starring Ethan Hawke in the '90s, is reimagined in this animated tale starring Parks & Rec alums Rashida Jones and Nick Offerman.

19. 'Scream 4' — July 7

Dimension Films on YouTube

Bet you forget there was a fourth Scream film, didn't you? Well, Netflix is here to remind you.

With all of this new content hitting Netflix this week, it looks like you'll finally be able to catch up on some of TV's best hidden gems — at least until next week arrives with a whole new batch of releases.