The New Movies & Shows On Netflix This Week Include A Doc That'll Make '90s Kids So Happy

Liz Minch/Bustle

As April comes to a close, the sun is coming out — which means that staying in and watching Netflix all weekend is becoming a distant winter memory. Thankfully, for those who prefer a viewing marathon to going out into the world, the new movies and shows on Netflix this week of April 23 will give fans the perfect excuse to stay indoors. This week's newest additions to Netflix Instant Watch include a handful of originals and a few foreign television shows and films, as well as one documentary guaranteed to break your heart.

'90s kids will be happy to hear that a new PBS documentary on Bill Nye is being added to Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Others might be pleased to see last year's Call the Midwife Christmas Special, or the new season of the site's original series 3%. Perhaps most exciting is The Week Of, an Adam Sandler comedy coming to Netflix on Friday, April 27; the movie is the fourth Netflix original film from Sandler in three years. If none of those things tickle your fancy, though, there's also the Netflix original film Candy Jar about high school debate and a new American history documentary series Bobby Kennedy for President. Whatever you're looking for, what's new on Netflix this week is sure to satisfy your viewing cravings.


'Call The Midwife: Series 6' "The Christmas Special 2017" — April 24

Call the Midwife's annual Christmas specials are famously heart-wrenching and beautiful, much like the show itself. The British show follows the adventures of a group of midwives in '50s and '60s London, and Seasons 1-6 are currently streaming on Netflix already.


'Kevin James: Never Don't Give Up' — April 24

Kevin James isn't just back on TV with Kevin Can Wait, he's back on stage with a new stand-up special, Kevin James: Never Don't Give Up.


'Bill Nye: Science Guy' — April 25

Children of the '90s rejoice, for more Bill Nye content is coming your way. Now, before your inner child gets too excited, it's not new episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy — it's the documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy. The film recaps Nye's rise to fame and his current quest to bring attention to climate change.


'Psychokinesis' — April 25

A regular man wakes up with telekinetic superpowers and uses them to take on an evil construction company after his estranged daughter in Sang-ho Yeon's Psychokinesis. The Korean action film promises a mix of humor, action, and family drama, not unlike a Marvel superhero movie.


'3%' Season 2 — April 27

Netflix's Brazilian series 3% is back for Season 2, and the dystopian, futuristic world is more divided than ever, with people fighting for the Cause and those fighting for the Process getting more and more heated.


'Bobby Kennedy For President' — April 27

Bobby Kennedy for President, a new Netflix original documentary series, takes a close look at Bobby Kennedy's doomed run for President. But more than that, it examines how his political legacy was shaped by activists and leaders across economic and racial lines.


'Candy Jar' — April 27

High school seniors and longtime rivals Bennett and Lona must come together to compete as a team for high school debate in Candy Jar. Anyone who was in their high school debate team can relate to the cramming of facts and fast talking in the film, but be warned, college applications stress is also featured in the movie.


'Holy Goalie' — April 27

A group of monks decide to form a soccer team to compete in the "Champions Clerum" tournament as a last ditch effort to save their monastery from being purchased and turned into a hotel in Holy Goalie.


'The Man Who Knew Infinity' — April 27

Math has never looked so good. In The Man Who Knew Infinity, Dev Patel stars as mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, a man who left India and traveled to England to study with Professor G.H. Hardy and make a name for himself in the mathematical world.


'The New Legends of Monkey' Season 1 — April 27

Netflix has heard the call for a new fantasy series involving animal warriors and the saving of the world and it has given us The New Legends of Monkey.


'The Week Of' — April 27

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are teaming up in Sandler's newest Netflix Original movie, The Week Of. The two play fathers of the bride and groom, respectively, who must join together to save the wedding of their children after Sandler's character's discount plans fall through.

And that's it for new movies and shows coming to Netflix in April. It's been a good month for Netflix originals and new releases, and here's hoping May is just as entertaining.