Mark Wahlberg Fans Are Going To Want To Watch Netflix This Week


Netflix is all about original content these days, as the site spends more and more money each year to produce big-time movies and TV shows. And among the movies and shows hitting Netflix this week is a new original film with some of the site's biggest star power yet. The film is an action-comedy called Spenser Confidential, and it features Mark Wahlberg in the lead role. Not only that, but the movie also boasts a supporting cast that includes Us star Winston Duke, Oscar-winner Alan Arkin, music superstar Post Malone, and one of Netflix's favorite comedians, Iliza Shlesinger.

The movie is based on the long-running Spenser series of detective novels by Robert B. Parker and others. In it, Wahlberg takes on the titular role of a former Boston police detective who was framed for a crime he didn't commit. After being released from prison near the start of the film, he teams up with an amateur fighter named Hawk (Duke) to try and wipe out the criminal corruption that has taken over the local police force. Arkin plays Spenser's old boxing coach who takes Hawk under his wing, whereas Post Malone is an inmate friend of Spenser's, and Shlesinger portrays Spenser's ex-girlfriend, who also becomes a member of his impromptu crime-fighting team.

In addition to Spenser Confidential, Netflix has a number of other exciting new additions this week, including several feminist-leaning foreign films, a few returning favorites, and more. Take a look below for the full list of everything that's hitting Netflix this week.


‘Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis’ - March 3

The 25-year-old comedian hits Netflix with a stand up special that's all about navigating your twenties.


‘Lil Peep: Everybody's Everything’ - March 4

This documentary tracks the life of late rapper Lil Peep, who passed away in 2017.


‘Castlevania’: Season 3 - March 5

It's time for the third season of this acclaimed anime series, based on the popular video game.


‘Mighty Little Bheem: Festival of Colors’ - March 5

This animated series from India sees its titular character celebrating the festival of Holi.


‘Guilty’ - March 6

This hard-hitting drama from India deals with a college rape allegation in a small town.


‘I Am Jonas’ - March 6


This Netflix original from France follows a turbulent LGBT love affair.


‘Paradise PD’: Part 2 - March 6

This crass animated comedy from the creators of the slightly less-crass animated comedy Brickleberry is back for a second season.


‘The Protector’: Season 3 - March 6

The third season of this Turkish supernatural series looks like the show's most confident batch of episodes yet.


‘Spenser Confidential’ - March 6

There's no shortage of star power or explosive action in this new film from the producer of the Fast & Furious movies.


‘Twin Murders: The Silence Of The White City’ - March 6

This Spanish crime thriller follows a pair of detectives as they set out to solve a disturbing series of murders.


‘Ugly Delicious’: Season 2 - March 6

Celebrity chef David Chang is back to seek out more interesting foods from around the world in the second season of this travel reality series.


‘Sitara: Let Girls Dream’ - March 8

This animated short from Pakistan follows a young girl as she pursues her dream of becoming a pilot against all odds.

Whether you're looking for action, inspirational female-led stories, or you just want to find something good to eat, Netflix has got you covered for the week ahead.