18 New Movies & TV Shows On Netflix This Week, Including An Extremely Creepy Thriller


While horror films have historically been viewed by most critics as a lesser form of entertainment, in recent years the genre has become the newest destination for prestige filmmaking. Last year, it was Get Out making noise at the Oscars with nominations for Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Picture, and a win for Best Original Screenplay. Heading into next year's Oscars, critical darlings like A Quiet Place and Hereditary will be looking to duplicate Get Out's success. And then there's Netflix. Clearly not wanting to be left out of the discussion, the streaming service has its own prestige horror film premiering with the other new movies and shows on Netflix this week.

The film in question is Bird Box, which stars Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock as a woman in a post-apocalyptic society who must guide two young children to safety. Whereas A Quiet Place featured a world overrun by monsters that hunted by sound, forcing people to remain quiet at all times, the world of Bird Box has been overrun by a supernatural entity that causes people to kill themselves if they look at it. As a result, Bullock and the other characters of the film must remain blindfolded at all times or else risk gazing upon the horror that will lead to their demise.

If scary movies aren't your jam, have no fear. Netflix still has a number of other offerings coming out this week in addition to Bird Box; all of which can be previewed below.


‘Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable’ - Dec 18

The talk show host returns to her roots with her first stand up special in 15 years.


‘Baki’ - Dec 18

A martial arts champion must fight for his life in this new anime series.


‘Terrace House: Opening New Doors’: Part 5 - Dec 18

The fifth season of this Real World-esque reality show from Japan arrives on Netflix.


‘Bird Box’ - Dec 21

Whatever you do, don't look.


‘3Below: Tales of Arcadia’ - Dec 21

This alien story with a cast that includes Nick Offerman, Diego Luna, and Tatiana Maslany is the latest animated project from Dreamworks and Guillermo del Toro.


‘7 Days Out’ - Dec 21

This new docuseries looks at the intense last week of work that precedes different events, like a fashion show and a horse race.


‘Back With the Ex’ - Dec 21

This Australian reality show reunites former couples to see if they can reignite their romantic spark.


‘Bad Seeds’ - Dec 21


A scam artist earns a new lease on life when he becomes a mentor to some troubled teens in this dramedy film.


‘Derry Girls’ - Dec 21

This teen comedy series takes place in Northern Ireland during The Troubles of the 1990s.


‘Diablero’ - Dec 21

Demons are real in this thrilling new Mexican fantasy series.


‘Greenleaf’: Season 3 - Dec 21

Catch the latest season of this Oprah Winfrey-produced drama series.


‘LAST HOPE’: Part 2 - Dec 21


Netflix debuts the second part of this post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime.


‘Perfume’ - Dec 21

You'll want to put on your detective hat for this new German murder mystery series.


‘Sirius the Jaeger’ - Dec 21

It's vampires vs vampire hunters in this new anime series.


‘Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski’ - Dec 21

This documentary tells the shockingly bizarre story of Polish artist Stanisław Szukalski.


‘Tales by Light’: Season 3 - Dec 21

The third installment in this docuseries further examines the lengths the world's greatest photographers go to in order to get their shots.


‘The Casketeers’ - Dec 21

This quirky reality show follows the day to day operations of a Māori family-run funeral home in New Zealand.


‘Wolf (BÖRÜ)’ - Dec 21


This Turkey-set action-drama series sees a special ops force take on a number of threats.

With Bird Box and Netflix's other offerings this week, it looks like you won't be peeling yourself away from your couch any time soon.