Meet The Cast Of The 'That's So Raven' Reboot

by Mathew Jedeikin

There's a reason why That's So Raven was so beloved: It was full of Raven Symoné's iconic physical comedy, along with just the right amount of heart to keep viewers laughing, while occasionally making them tear up. So when it was announced that the show was getting a revival, fans everywhere pretty much freaked out, and as you can see in the new trailer for Raven's Home, the reboot looks just as funny — if not, funnier — than the original.

Now as you might expect, Symoné is back and certainly brings the laughs, but in the latest clip, titled "Meet the Family," you get to meet Raven's family in the show. And you know what? The rest of the characters seem just as hilarious.

First of all, Raven's best friend Chelsea (played by Anneliese van der Pol) is back, and she and her son are living under the same roof as Raven and her two children. The reunion of Raven and Chelsea is bound to bring back serious feelings of nostalgia, but it looks like it could be the younger characters that end up stealing the show. First, there are Raven's twins Booker (Issac Ryan Brown) and Nia (Navia Robinson), then Chelsea's son Levi (Jason Maybaum), and finally a young neighbor Tess (Sky Katz), who seems to fit in perfectly with the rest of the clan.

Although she still has her psychic abilities, life isn't going quite as Raven expected. "Sure, I can see the future," she confesses in the trailer, "but I never saw all this coming." Talk about irony!

If this new trailer for Raven's Home is truly representative of the show, then Disney Channel will likely have a huge hit on their hands. Raven's Home premiers on Friday, July 21 at 10 p.m. ET, and honestly, it can't come soon enough.