Rihanna's New Puma Creepers Look Different

If there is one constant regarding Rihanna's style, it's always evolving. Her Fenty Puma Creepers were the coolest and most coveted sneakers of 2016, thanks to the stylized, chunky sole. She issued several drops, from burnt orange camo to red, black, and gray velvet. But what about Rihanna Fenty Puma Creepers in 2017? Will there be new shades and new styles? Are there any changes to the general look of the shoe?

Well, based on a post on the official Puma Instagram, the 2017 Rihanna Creepers look quite different. A model is wearing a black pair that looks to be of leather construction, as opposed to prior fabrics like suede or velvet. But the sole looks to have an additional lift, making them more of a true platform.

The new Creeper image was posted as part of an Insta gallery after the Fall/Winter 2017 collection showed in Paris.

According to the press release received by Bustle after the show, the new season of Puma x Fenty boasts a collegiate theme, inspired by Fenty University, which, BTW, is an fashion institution I totally want to attend. The release also nodded to "new evolutions of the infamous Puma Creeper were reimagined with stacked soles and ankle straps."

Peep the new look Creepers below.

Check out that double-stacked sole, which I grabbed as a screen shot from the gallery. Isn't the even chunkier sole rad AF? And that appears to be a thick, Puma-branded ankle strap. I wonder if the ankle strap will be a removable element, since you can only really wear an ankle strap shoe with cropped length pants, shorts, dresses, or skirts.

Whatever the case, I so want a pair and cannot wait for these too-cool-for-school kicks to arrive. As is the case with all Rihanna Creeper drops, I expect a swift sell out.

As per the press release, the footwear, apparel, and accessories collection presented in Paris will launch at retail stores worldwide in Fall 2017. That means we have some time before we can rock these pieces. But they will be so worth the wait, especially those new look, higher lift Creepers.

Images: Puma/Instagram (2)