Well, Norway's Olympic Curling Team Is In The Valentine's Day Spirit — And Their Pants Prove It

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There are certainly more than a few magic moments at the Olympics, and the PyeongChang Winter Games are no different. The most recent magic moment, though, comes courtesy not of a medal but of a pair of pants. The Norway curling team's Valentine's Day heart pants are the star of the Feb. 14 events, and honestly, you've absolutely got to see these festive AF trousers.

Norway isn't exactly a stranger to attention for their competition pants. In fact, they're kind of known for them. While curling itself may be one of the most talked about sports for its uniqueness among sports like skiing, bobsledding, and skating, Norway has managed to carve out yet another niche within the sport thanks to their often brightly hued, multi-patterned britches.

Considering their particular affinity for funky fashions, why not incorporate a bit of holiday spirit into their styles? Well, they did. The team wore pants with a red background that was covered in bright pink, light red, pastel pink, and white hearts. These trousers aren't just coated in petite patterns either. Oh no, not Norway. The team went full Valentine's Day realness with their latest fashion choice, and if you didn't already have a Valentine, it's going to be these pants.

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You're in love aren't you?

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Maybe those of us who are stateside should be cheering the home team, but it's kind of difficult to do when Norway has pants like this, right?

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Even if they do kind of clash with their shirts, who cares? Heart pants!

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How did the Norwegian team's famous Olympic pants come to be? It all started back at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games when the team purchased their pants off the rack from Loudmouth Golf. The pants were such a smash that a Facebook page formed in celebration of them instead of the team itself.

After the excitement of 2010, Loudmouth signed on to support the Norwegian curlers and crafted their pants in 2014, and these heart printed Valentine's Day pants are of their making as well.

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Of course, Twitter fell in love (no pun intended) with the festive trousers. Who could blame them?

Valentine's Day has officially turned into the day everyone fell in love...with heart pants.

The team certainly didn't disappoint fans of the vibrant fashions.

Some have taken to calling them romance pants, and like, that's accurate.

Did the pants make curling history? Yes, according to some.

Some people couldn't resist the jokes that basically wrote themselves.

Others are already angling for a pair of what are sure to now be iconic pants.

Of course, considering Norway's pants are famous, this isn't their only pants. They've got an entire collection of 12! Yes, 12 pants. There's much more to see when it comes to Norway and their fabulous trousers. Thankfully, the team and Loudmouth gave a little but of a sneak peek of what's to come from their sartorial choices, and it's honestly, one of the most exciting parts of the winter games.

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The preview design comes in patriotic Norwegian flag colors of red, white, and indigo. While they do look a bit like fireworks, they're actually meant to resemble icicles. Appropriate, right? Just get a look at those snazzy matching blazers? Move over, figure skaters, Norway is coming for your fashionable crown.

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If you can't get enough of the Norway curling team's heart covered Valentine's Day pants, don't worry. They've apparently got plenty more to come. Whether or not Norway takes home gold at the 2018 Olympic Games, they've certainly already medaled in the Fashion Olympics. And once you've done that, you've won anyway.