This *NSYNC & 'All That' Crossover Is Priceless

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Classic boy band fans may think they remember every single guest appearance the *NSYNC guys ever made, but there's at least one you probably forgot about. And it's a shame, because it's priceless. Way back in 2004, J.C. Chasez made a cameo on All That, and it's the *NSYNC Nickelodeon moment you need in your life. If asked to choose a favorite member of the band, most fans would either opt for superstar-in-the-making Justin Timberlake or the soulful Chasez. Despite his talent, the singer wasn't the band's flashiest member, which is why his appearance on the kids' improv show is so special — he finally got to be in the spotlight. And he hammed it up with everything he's got.

The Season 9 episode, featuring musical guest Drake Bell, includes an absurd American Idol parody entitled "American Idiot." As a sketch, it's no "Good Burger," but it lampoons the dynamic of original American Idol hosts Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson nicely. Adding Chasez to the table as the guest job is the skit's real stroke of genius.

While various contestants attempt to prove they're the biggest idiot in America by wrestling a piano or tinkering with an indoor lightning rod, Chasez tucks into piles of food. He's so impressed by the backstage offerings of pizza, corn dogs, and biscuits that he pays no attention to what's happening in front of him — which includes two contestants getting vaporized. It's surreal and supremely silly but oh-so watchable.

Chasez has always been a talented songwriter, and even though his solo career never became as successful as Timberlake's, he's continued to make his mark in music in unexpected ways. In 2013, Billboard updated the world on the singer's career, which includes numerous songwriting credits, and, more recently, a stint on stage in Jesus Christ Superstar. His journey has been a subtle one, so having the opportunity to watch Chasez indulge in his sillier side is all the more special.

The sketch is unabashedly of its time. If you never watched the early years of American Idol with Abdul's gushing over even the most average of contestants, then some of the jokes likely won't land. This is pure early '00s nostalgia, right down to the inclusion of Chasez.

Hands down, the skit's best moment is when Chasez breaks up the faux Cowell and faux Abdul's make-out attempt in order to protect his food. It seems unlikely that the *NSYNC favorite avoided heartburn from munching on so many different types of food for one gag, but it was worth it. His All That cameo is a testament to his appeal and the enduring greatness of the sketch show, even in its later seasons.

This is one forgotten *NSYNC moment that deserves to live on, if only because of Chasez's hilariously sincere request for gravy.