'The Office's Angela & Creed Spent A Night Hitting The "Sauce Trail" & Tagging Pam On Instagram

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's a Dunder Mifflin moment that will make fans want to toss some paper in the air with excitement. The Office's Angela and Creed had quite the evening out together on Sunday, Sept. 1. That's right, Angela Kinsey and Creed Bratton spent the holiday weekend hanging out, walking around their neighborhood with alcoholic beverages in hand, and ended the night with a "jam session" featuring Kinsey's husband, Joshua Snyder.

On Monday, Sept. 2, Kinsey posted an Instagram from the night before with Bratton in front of a Tex Mex restaurant in Los Angeles. The photo of the former Office costars would have been good enough, but Kinsey was kind enough to give fans even more footage of the two. "My neighbor @creedbratton kept me company last night while my husband had his fantasy football draft," she wrote.

She continued to describe their evening together, and, well, you need to read it for yourself. Kinsey shared, "There was Tex Mex, there was adult beverages, there was a big tv, an antigravity chair, walking to look at trees, leaving tipsy messages on @msjennafischer’s phone, and then a jam session where Creed played songs and we all sang. Best Neighbor Award goes to @creedbratton!!!"

For those unaware, yes, Kinsey and Bratton are actual neighbors. As she told Bustle in December 2018 while discussing who she's still friends with from the NBC comedy, "Jenna Fischer is my best friend, Brian Baumgartner came by my house this week, Oscar was here today, Creed lives down the street from me." She continued, "Then, I see Kate Flannery, and Rainn Wilson and I text, who's a busy dude, but we make time to have lunch every few months and catch up. And Steve Carell’s the nicest human on the planet."

But, really, how amazing is all of that? And to be able to see Kinsey and Bratton chilling together outside of The Office is just so much fun. In her Instagram caption, Kinsey even promised to upload some of their "adventures" on her Instagram Story for everyone to enjoy. She totally delivered.

Their hangout started off with Kinsey, Bratton, and Snyder watching Netflix's Our Planet. "First of all you should know how much @creedbratton loves @ourplanet #lastnightwithCreed," she captioned her one Instagram Story. This lasted for a bit, before Kinsey and Bratton left Snyder to his Fantasy Football draft.

After they watched "some Komodo Dragons battling for females," the two got some Tex Mex, which they brought back to Kinsey's house to eat. Their adventures didn't stop there and they ended up, as Kinsey put it, "Hitting the sauce trail with Creedo." Yeah, they totally went for a walk with some road sodas and shared their tipsy journey with fans. At one point, they even tagged Jenna Fischer in a video. In a move true Dunder Mifflinites will appreciate, Bratton asked Fischer in one video, "Did you get the new chair yet? You know the reference."

Did you get the reference? He was of course referring to Season 5, Episode 10, "The Surplus." The episode revolved around Michael having to spend the office surplus by the end of the day, but he couldn't decide between a copier or new chairs. Pam wanted new chairs and ultimately got her way. Kudos to Bratton for that Office reference.

As you can see above, their night ended at 9 p.m. and they didn't mind that one bit. According to Kinsey, the earlier they can be home, the better, because they're "#oldies." At point during the evening, they even went to Bratton's house for Snyder to use an inversion therapy chair. If that isn't enough, they officially bid the night over with Bratton and Snyder singing Journey's "Faithfully."

Does it get any better than that? Like Kinsey and Bratton's Office costar, Ellie Kemper, commented on Instagram, "BEST NIGHT." She's definitely right. The two had an unforgettable night that totally would've made Michael Scott jealous.