The One Fantasy Book You Really Need To Read, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Some people might say that the Zodiac is a kind of fantasy. And sure, on a certain level, they're right — Zodiac signs have very little basis in actual, factual science. They're mostly made up based on stars and fun animals and pure, mythic imagination. But on the one hand, anyone who's ever dated a Scorpio knows that astrology is at least a little bit real. And on the other hand... what's wrong with the occasional dash of fantasy? It can get pretty dull out there. Here's the one fantasy novel to read based on your Zodiac sign, because we all need to escape the real world every once in a while.

I think that fantasy, much like astrology, gets a bit of an unfair reputation. We tend to dismiss a lot of fantasy as knock-off Tolkien or just plain silly. We act as though books set in the "real" world have more literary value than even the most complex of fantasy epics. If you're not reading fantasy, though, you're missing out on a whole lot of inventive storytelling and wildly creative worlds. Here you'll find swashbuckling stories for determined Aries, magical adventures for whimsical Pisces, and some nerdy political intrigue for thoughtful Capricorn. Check out the fantasy book that best fits your sign:

Aries: 'Alanna' by Tamora Pierce

In Tamora Pierce's classic Song of the Lioness books, Alanna is the ferocious young woman who disguises herself as a boy so she can go to knight school. Fierce and headstrong Aries will see themselves in this tough young lady, from her determination and bravery to some of the more foolhardy choices she makes on her way to knighthood.

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Taurus: 'Dragonflight: The First Chronicle of Pern' by Anne McCaffrey

Lessa is a lowly kitchen girl, as far as everyone around her is concerned. She serves the people who took her father's lands. But when she meets a formidable queen dragon, Lessa's whole world changes—just in time for her to defend the beautiful realm of Pern from destruction. Reliable, ambitious Taurus has an eye for beauty, and a deep appreciation for stories of dragon-based heroism.

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'Huntress' by Malinda Lo

Gemini knows what it's like to be of two minds about something. With Huntress, Malinda Lo captures that classic Gemini dichotomy through her two lead characters: the magical Taisin and the utterly earthly Kaede. As the two of them head off on an otherworldly journey to save the realm, though, they find that they might have more in common than they ever could have dreamed.

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Cancer: 'The Princess Bride' by William Goldman

Protest all you want, Cancer. I know that you're a big ol' sap for true love. The Princess Bride might fall on the comedy end of the fantasy spectrum, but man oh man is that love true. This book has got all the swordplay and high flying adventure that any reader could want out of an outrageous fantasy story, plus a dose of genuine romance that will make even the least-sappy Cancer blush.

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Leo: 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman

There's just something about a fantasy series in which the characters (SPOILER ALERT) kind of kill God that screams "Leo." As a larger-than-life Leo, you like big stories about brash characters who go traipsing across the cosmos on grand quests. Also, you'll get to think about which animal would best fit as your spirit companion (other than the majestic lion, or course).

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Virgo: 'A Stranger in Olondria' by Sofia Samatar

Young Jevick longs to visit Olondria, where it's said that books are common and easy to find (unlike in his own home). When Jevick finally makes it to this promised land, though, he finds himself caught up in a mystery, and haunted by the ghost of an illiterate girl. Kind, detail-oriented Virgo will appreciate the nuance of this story about storytelling, as well as the finesse that goes into Samatar's gorgeous world-building.

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Libra: 'The Grace of Kings' by Ken Liu

Libra is all about balance and justice. But the steampunk world of The Grace of Kings has been thrown way out of whack: the charming bandit Kuni Garu and the stern noble Mata Zyndu have finally risen up to overthrow the emperor together. Now, though, they find themselves on two opposing sides, with two very different ideas about the meaning of justice.

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Scorpio: 'Children of Blood and Bone' by Tomi Adeyemi

Scorpio is all about passion. And vengeance. And sometimes blood. So Scorpio is going to love Children of Blood and Bone, the story of young Zélie and her quest to save magic and get revenge on the monarchy. With the help of a rogue princess, Zélie will go up against snow leoponaires and monstrous spirits as she learns to control her own powers (and, of course, her growing feelings for the wrong person).

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Sagittarius: 'Good Omens' by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Sagittarius likes three things: goofs, philosophical thought, and wacky road trips. Good Omens has all three in spades. This apocalyptic novel takes a hysterical look at the End of Days, as a very worried angel and a very reluctant demon try to bring about Armageddon (if only someone hadn't misplaced the Antichrist...).

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Capricorn: 'A Game of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin

Don't you roll your eyes at me, Capricorn. I know you love a devilishly complicated political thriller that also has dragons. Forget the HBO show and give the original books a chance, because A Game of Thrones is a smart, multi-layered look at the nature of ambition. And every Capricorn knows what it's like to be ambitious (watch out, Cersei).

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Aquarius: 'Sorcerer to the Crown' by Zen Cho

Sometimes it feels like Aquarius is living on a slightly different planet than everybody else. At least, forward-thinking Aquarius knows what it's like to be a fish out of water. So does Zacharias Wythe, a freed slave and the Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers. Despite all the barriers in his way, Zacharias must travel to very edge of Fairyland to figure out why England is running out of magic in this delightfully sharp fantasy adventure.

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Pisces: 'Akata Witch' by Nnedi Okorafor

Dreamy, creative Pisces will fall head over heels for the lovely Akata Witch. The book follows Sunny, a 12-year old girl who's left New York for Aba, Nigeria. The other kids pick on her here, and the sun burns her albino skin. But Sunny soon finds herself plunged into the strange, hidden world of the Leopard People, where all of her embarrassing flaws might just turn out to be her greatest strengths.

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