The One Kimmy Gibbler Scene That 'Full House' Fans Need To Revisit

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Ask any fan of Full House who their favorite character was, and I guarantee that about 97 percent of them will say Kimmy Gibbler. (OK, that might be an exaggeration, but I am blinded by the Gibbler light and my mind will never be changed.) D.J. aside, the Tanners weren't quite on board with Kimmy's antics. I guess where fans found her bold and hilarious, the Tanners found her loud and annoying. For instance, the fact that she was never technically invited over, yet was somehow always in that house, may have made the family angry but, for fans, made for endless Gibbler riffs and laughs. But the one Kimmy Gibbler scene that Full House fans need to revisit to truly understand why this girl was their absolute favorite is the prom scene.

Let me set the stage for you. Earlier in the episode, we learn that Steve has completed the arduous task of fixing Kimmy up with a prom date. She gives Jesse — whose band is playing at the prom — a list of songs that young people like to hear, because she's always looking out for everyone's best interest. My senses told me that she wanted to have some good jams to dance to with her date. Then, comes the scene.

First of all, Kimmy's wearing a fire cheetah dress. (A cold shoulder one nonetheless, which is totally back in style. Kimmy's a damn prophet.) Second of all, her date's name is Gorilla. Yes, you read that right. Gorilla. Further demonstrating that Kimmy walks to the beat of her own drum, she's also donning quite possibly the longest red acrylic nails I've ever seen — and the best part is that they haven't dried yet. (Not the polish. The glue. Yikes.) It's all so much.

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Kimmy Gibbler never apologized for who she was, and that's exactly what this scene proves. She waltzes into prom with a badass dress, a nerdy quiet dude named Gorilla, and some acrylic nails that aren't even dry. And she's killin the game. When she loses her nails at the end (because they are stuck to her date's jacket), she doesn't care. She even gets Aunt Becky to leave their table. Kimmy has power over everyone, I kid you not. The Tanners may write her off as the punchline of a joke, but that family does what Gibbler says, whether they want to admit it or not.

Kimmy's level of confidence was — and still is — admirable. At a young age, she knew exactly what she wanted, and was never afraid to go for things. She was bold and at times harsh, but she was a character that many young woman hadn't seen on TV before. Kimmy Gibbler was the next-level sidekick we never knew we needed. She was brazen and uncompromising, and she always leaned in. Sometimes in a cheetah dress. Gibbler for president, 2020.