There's One Movie You NEED To Watch Before It Leaves Netflix In August To Have A Good Laugh

Liz Minch/Bustle

William Shakespeare once wrote that "parting is such sweet sorrow." But obviously he didn't have a Netflix account to which he was completely and utterly attached. Every month, the streaming site brings a new array of movies and TV shows onto its platform, but in order to make room for the new, it needs to get rid of some of the old, meaning fans have been forced to say goodbye to some classic gems on the regular. And sadly, the list of everything leaving and coming to Netflix in August proves that this upcoming month will be no different. Many a good show and film will be shown the exit when the new month comes around; however, there is one particular movie you need to watch before it leaves Netflix in August. It's not even up for discussion at this point — you simply have to watch it.

Of course, the movie that I'm referring to is none other than The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Yes, sadly this Steve Carell classic will no longer be available for streaming on Netflix starting midway through August (Aug. 16, to be exact). And while it's always possible it could one day return, it's still downright painful to see such a cinematic treasure be taken away from our collective grasp, especially one as funny as this.

For those who have been living under a rock and don't know the premise of the film, The 40-Year-Old Virgin centers around Carell's character, Andy, who is 40 years old and, you guessed it, a virgin. After his friends discover this fact about him, they make it their mission to find him a woman to do the deed with, once and for all. However, things get more complicated when Andy meets someone he actually really likes. And he has a hard time revealing his big secret to her, for fear or rejection — or even worse, pity.

Hearing about the plot, though, really doesn't do the film justice. Carell delivers a phenomenal performance as the main character, making Andy both hilarious and genuinely likable. He isn't some creep who just wants to get into a woman's pants, despite the sometimes very questionable influence of his buddies. He wants to feel a connection with someone as well.

You wouldn't expect to find a great love story at the heart of a raunchy comedy like this, and yet that's exactly what you get by the end of the story. Not to mention the numerous A-list performers that pop up in small roles throughout the film, such as Elizabeth Banks (Beth) or Jonah Hill (who plays an E-bay customer) or Jane Lynch, who does her best boss lady. Altogether it makes the film a truly laugh out loud good time that never fails to put a smile on your face.

So before it leaves Netflix for who knows how long, make sure you sit down with a group of your closest friends and watch this little piece of comedy gold one last time. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll never be able to look at wax the same way ever again.