The One Product You Need If You Messed Up Your Self-Tanner

If you've ever tried self-tanner, chances are, you've also experienced a self-tanner goof. And when what you're after is a natural, glow-y tan, there's nothing like those tell-tale orange streaks separating the tanned from the un-tanned skin to give you away. Enter the new Bondi Sands Self-Tan Eraser — it's the perfect back-up plan when your self-tanner doesn't exactly turn out the way you'd imagined. So no one has to know that sadly, you did not spend your weekend at a fabulous beach destination.

It works by lightening and removing self-tanner in five minutes flat with no scrubbing required. You can start from scratch and remove the whole tan, or just start over in certain spots. It's particularly incredible if you forget to wash your hands after applying self-tanner, because there's nothing natural about orange palms and tint in between your fingers.

As a brand, Bondi Sands is a cult favorite in Australia — their products are fresh here in the U.S., but people from down under have already given the products their tan seal of approval.

But hey — no matter how great the product, user error happens. And that's where this self-tan eraser comes in so clutch. Here are a few impressive before and afters:

It works on any brand, too, not just Bondi Sands products.

It's the perfect fix for a tan that gets patchy and worn out, too.

You'll only wish you'd had it on hand the first time you tried self-tanner.

See? Like magic.

Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser, $24, Bondi Sands

This is one product you'll never regret having on-hand.