11 Easy Ways To Remove Self Tanner Without Looking Like A Streaky Mess

From uneven streaks to speckled splotches, there are plenty of ways to spot a bad fake tan. Fix these beauty blunders quickly by knowing how to remove the self tanner once and for all. While it may take up to a week for the tanner to fade on its own, there are several ways that you can speed up the process, and get back to your natural skin tone.

A key element to removing a faux tan is exfoliation. A self tanner usually adheres to the top layers of the skin, so cell turnover is integral for fading the pigment. By sloughing away the skin's outer cells, you can help to remove the tan without waiting for it to fade naturally. It's the easiest way to help bring your skin color back to normal.

So if you end up with orange palms or yellowed fingernails, don't panic just yet. There are tons of ways to get your skin tone evened out, and looking flawless. No one has to live a streaky mess. Instead, use these tried and true methods to help fade the pigment and even out the tone of your skin. Here are 11 ways to remove your self tanner, and get back your natural skin tone.

1. Buff Away Streaks

Sugar Scrub, $10, Amazon

Self tanner is meant to make you look like a bronzed goddess – not a tiger. If you're noticing streaks, Cosmopolitan recommended blending the look of your faux tan using a gritty sugar scrub.

2. Oil Up

Baby Oil, $5, Amazon

Fade away an uneven tan by lathering on baby oil. StyleCaster.com reported that moisturizing your skin will help to remove the unwanted color (as drier skin can hold more pigment). The website recommended applying a thick layer of baby oil to the skin, letting it soak in for 10 to 15 minutes, and then hitting the shower.

3. Get Creative With Citrus

According to POPSUGAR, lemon juice is a great way to naturally exfoliate the skin. Simply use a cotton pad to apply the juice to any streaks to help fade away the tan.

4. Use Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol, $4, Amazon

If you can't find a lemon, POPSUGAR also reported that rubbing alcohol will help to fade away unwanted splotches. Be sure to use this method sparingly though as it is drying.

5. Go Swimming

If you're looking to remove your self tanner, then Marie Claire suggested hitting the pool. According to the site, the chlorine in the pool while help to break down your faux tan.

6. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

If your palms are looking a bit orange, the self tanning experts at StTropezTan.com recommend using baking soda to remove the orange staining. As baking soda is a gentle, natural exfoliant, is perfect for buffing away any unwanted color.

7. Grab Your Gloves

Exfoliating Gloves (4-pack), $12, Amazon

Another great way to buff away your faux tan is by using exfoliating gloves in the shower. You can find these type of gloves at many discount clothing stores or even on amazon.com. Simply throw these on, and hit the showers. Cosmopolitan suggested taking this method to the next level by dousing the gloves in lemon juice before rubbing down your skin.

8. Remove Unwanted Hair

Hair Removal Cream, $8, Amazon

Streaky legs are a tell-tale sign of a bad fake tan. Beautylish.com reported that you can remove the splotchy tan by using a hair removal cream. It will help to dissolve the color while removing your leg hair as well.

9. Use A Milk Mask

According to Brydie.com, using curdled milk will help to remove uneven tan. The website recommended adding a slice of lemon to a glass of milk in order to curdle the liquid, then apply to the skin for 15 minutes. Both milk and lemon are natural exfoliators, so together they are great for gently fading your tan.

10. Use Toothpaste

According to the experts at SelfTanning.com, whitening toothpaste is a great way to fade uneven patches. Apply a thin layer of toothpaste to the area your want to fade, let it soak in for 10 minutes, and then rinse.

11. Grab A Remover

Tan Remover, $12, Dermstore

When all else fails, be sure to keep a specialized self tan remover on hand. These specialty removers are formulated to help fade away uneven tans and remove the pigment from the skin.

Don't suffer through an uneven fake tan. Buff it away by knowing the proper ways to remove the color.

Images: Pixabay (6); Courtesy Brands; Bustle