The Only 'Game Of Thrones' Spoiler Rose Leslie Will Actually Know For Season 8 Involves Jon Snow's Fate

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Isn't it ironic that the one person in the best position to get spoilers about everyone's favorite HBO show doesn't want them? Rose Leslie doesn't want Game of Thrones spoilers, and as she told E! in an interview published on Friday, she works hard to avoid them. That's actually harder than it sounds when you're a former cast member yourself and engaged to be married to a current cast member. (That would be Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the series.)

Leslie told the E! interviewer that she's always taken a no-spoiler stance. Not only because she doesn't want to be hounded by reporters and fans alike about what's coming next, but because she wants to be able to experience the series as a fan, just like everybody else. She explained,

"I've hands down said from the beginning, sadly as season eight is now being shot I don't want to know anything about Game of Thrones in terms of any spoilers and what the storyline is going to be. I want to be sitting down on my sofa along with the rest of world, as excited and as pumped."

And hopefully she's able to do that this year without some pesky personal knowledge sneaking in and dimming her enjoyment of the final season. Leslie didn't say so herself, but every GoT fan worth their salt knows that Season 8 won't premiere until 2019. That's a full year of opportunities for the Downton Abbey actor to find out something she doesn't want to know.

For example, if Harington comes home while the rest of the cast is still away filming, that's a good indication that his character doesn't survive the season. And conversely, if his character is supposed to be dead, and he's nowhere to be found in the home you share, you might have some questions. It's basically one spoiler that's unavoidable.


The rest of the world certainly had questions, when it came to that Season 5 cliffhanger. And while Leslie doesn't speak about that ending in this particular interview, both sides of the couple have discussed it in the past. In a May 2016 interview after his resurrection was revealed, Harington revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Leslie, still just his girlfriend at the time, was one of the only people who knew the truth. "I told her from early on,” he told EW. "In fact, [producer] Dan [Weiss] said to David [Benioff], ‘He’s going to tell Rose, isn’t he?’ She was allowed to know."

But in her own appearance on the U.K. news program Sunrise in the same month, Leslie insisted she didn't know. "I was kind of like, just as surprised as the rest of the world when the man woke back up again," she added. There are plenty of reasons why the 31-year-old might not have wanted to expose what she knew. But in matching up her phrasing from that interview two years ago and the one she just gave this month, it sounds sort of like Leslie was speaking to what she wished she knew going into Season 6, Episode 2.


Because acting is the engaged pair's shared job, it would be nearly impossible for Leslie to avoid finding out that kind of life-or-death character info moving forward. No matter how dedicated you are to avoiding spoilers, it's hard not to notice the difference between your fiancé being employed and your fiancé being unemployed.

But barring that one huge obstacle, it sounds like Leslie has done a pretty good job of staying out of the loop this time around. She said,

"Genuinely, I don't have a clue! I don't have a clue and I'm very happy about that because all of this anticipation, all of this building up is just going to be so satisfying when we finally get to watch the first episode."

And as much as her family and friends — not to mention interviewers — would probably appreciate a sneak peek into Season 8, you have to be impressed with the Ygritte actor's dedication. The rest of the fan base just has to stay off of the boards and maybe mute their more spoiler-inclined friends on Facebook and Twitter. Leslie has had to avoid asking her fiancé about his job for months, if not years. That's almost as impressive as her actual performance.