The Iconic 'Power Rangers' Suits Got A Big Update

by Allie Gemmill

The Power Rangers are back in a big way. With the iconic '90s franchise rebooted for a younger generation, the fanfare surrounding the epic martial arts TV show is palpable. Fans olds and new are ready to set the return of the rainbow-colored rangers in all their suited glory. And thankfully, the Power Rangers' iconic costumes appear in the Power Rangers reboot. It's one of the few new and improved elements in the movie, and it could also be considered one of the flashiest.

There's definitely a lot of flash that's gone into making the Power Rangers accessible to a 2017 audience. The faces are fresh, there's a new and improved look to Power Rangers aides Alpha 5 and Zordon, and most excitingly, the Power Rangers actually suit up for battle in some brand new costumes. While it takes a while for them to actually suit up, when they do, it's something to behold.

When the first Power Rangers trailer dropped earlier this year, the excitement of the team morphing from their regular selves into their suits was one of those quick teases that had the power to leave you breathless. Now, of course, the moment will be drawn out in the film and you'll not only get to see the slow-motion transformation, but you'll see the Power Rangers using their giant, Transformer-like robots (which appear to be extensions of themselves) in battle. Hell. Yes.

Of course, the reception and anticipation of the new look of the Power Rangers wasn't universally positive. Upon seeing the first images of the new Power Rangers, some fans scoffed at the construction of the suits, arguing they'd be constricting. Others found things like the helmets and footwear looked impractical for fighting. Some found the suits a bit sexist, with the chest plates for Trini and Kimberly to focus too heavily on their breasts — which armor should theoretically not do.

Personally, I'm exited about these iconic Power Ranger suits appearing in the new movie, but we'll see how more fans react after the movie's release. Go, go Power Rangers indeed.