The 'Queer Eye' Cast Reacted To Ariana & Pete's Engagement, & Tan Had The BEST Response

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Newly engaged couple Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have the Fab Five's blessing. While their whirlwind romance took many people by surprise, on Thursday, during an appearance on People Now, the Queer Eye cast commented on Davidson and Grande's engagement, and wished the pair nothing but the best. Tan France even revealed that he is going to help with Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's wedding.

"Couldn’t be happier for them," said France, the show's fashion expert, when asked about the lovebirds. France actually knows the comedian — he even took Davidson shopping and styled him in a hilarious Saturday Night Live clip back in March.

"Super happy," culinary guru Antoni Porowski echoed, while grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness brushed off any naysayers, adding, "And what's crazy, what’s not crazy, everything's crazy these days."

In one episode of the Netflix hit's second season, the guys helped one man propose to his girlfriend in a pretty epic way, and, as that episode made clear, they're all about a romantic gesture. When asked if any of the cast could see themselves getting engaged that quickly, France, who is married to illustrator Rob France, said, "I did, I've been together with my husband for 10 years. We decided we would get married after five dates, and we've been together for 10 years. So it could work, you guys!"

Van Ness said he, too, might do so "if it was right," and the show's culture expert Karamo Brown said people shouldn't impose time constraints or expectations on love. "Cultural norms tell us that we have to wait a certain amount of time, but loves has no time limit, if you know now, go for it," said Brown.

While he didn't give any specifics, France also revealed that Davidson asked him to help with the wedding. “He has asked if I would give him a hand, and I will happily give him a hand," he told People Now. "He's a friend. We love him very much. He's one of the best people I've met in a long time." With France by his side, there's no doubt that the Grande-Davidson wedding will be, well, fabulous. After all, who better to help plan your nuptials than the Fab Five?

France and his cast-mates are the latest stars to voice their excitement for Grande and Davidson, and friends of the pair like Nick Cannon and Glen Powell have also wished them well.

And Grande and Davidson aren't the only ones who will be walking down the aisle soon. Brown got engaged to Ian Jordan back in May. In an interview published Monday, the Queer Eye star told Yahoo Lifestyle that he knew he was going to marry Jordan as soon as he met him.

"Sometimes when you know, you just know," Brown said. "It was something about his soul, connecting with my soul. I just knew."

Jordan echoed that sentiment, "I felt really connected to him," he said. "I could feel this going somewhere." He added, "I really liked the idea of family," and said he made sure to get the approval of brown's two children from a previous relationship.

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The pair announced the news via their Instagram accounts. On May 10, Brown posted a photo of he and Jordan with the caption, "Last night, in front of family & friends, I asked my best friend and the love of my life, 'will you marry me?' He said YESSS!!!! I’m engaged!" as the pair held up their hands to display their rings.

Like Brown, Davidson also confirmed his engagement on Instagram, though not quite so explicitly. He shared a photo of what appears to be Grande sitting on his lap, her left hand strategically placed on top of his — an engagement ring clearly visible. "u know what you dream it be like? it's better than that [sic]," the comedian wrote in the caption. Most recently, Davidson gushed over his new fiancée in an interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

While there's no confirmation yet as to when Grande and Davidson's ceremony might be, here's hoping every member of the Fab Five will be in attendance. And who knows, maybe France will even help dress Davidson for the ceremony.