Dorinda's Season 9 'RHONY' Tagline Is Perfection

Charles Sykes/Bravo

First, there was the spectacular trailer. Now, the Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 taglines are finally here. For some reason, these ladies always hit it out of the park for me when it comes to crafting the perfect taglines. That can certainly be said here — for a few of the women, at least. Some of them, including newest Housewife Tinsley Mortimer, did not hit it out of the park this time around, which is definitely disappointing. They probably should just start taking tips from Dorinda Medley, because her Season 9 tagline has no competition. It is that fantastic.

What surprises me is that Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel's fell short this season. They usually know how to create worthy ones, but they must be off their game. Carole Radziwill's is beyond fitting for her and this season, which has a huge political focus. Fans who love Luann de Lesseps and her title should be pleased with hers. As for Sonja Morgan? Of course she came up with a tagline that is so her — and once again iconic.

And because basically everything Real Housewives-related needs to be ranked, you bet I'm going to rank the most recent RHONY taglines. Here you go.

7. "A good set of lashes can fix anything — even a mugshot." — Tinsley Mortimer

I get that she's making light of her mug shot, but I feel like she could've done better.

6. "I’m an acquired taste. You don’t like me? Acquire some taste." — Ramona Singer

Ramon. Singer. Yes, you definitely are an "acquired taste," but you are so much better than this tagline.

5. "If you’re gonna take a shot at this B, you better not miss." — Bethenny Frankel

Eh. This is just a typical Bethenny Frankel tagline.

4. "The only title I’d trade Countess for is wife." — Luann de Lesseps

This certainly isn't my favorite Lu tagline, but I do love how she designed it around her losing her famous title.

3. "In the politics of friendship, I win the popular vote." — Carole Radziwill

Based on the trailer, Carole is beyond invested in the 2016 presidential election, so her making a play on that in her tagline is perfection.

2. "There’s nothing Grey about my Gardens." — Sonja Morgan

If you recall, Luann and Sonja lived together for a short time in Season 8, which led to some very Grey Gardens-like moments. They also had many ups and downs over Tom D'Agostino Jr., aka Lu's hubby. Sonja is clearly making a statement with this tagline — and I love every inch of it.

1. "I tell it like it is, but I always make it nice." — Dorinda Medley

Yes, Dorinda! Yes! She took one of her best RHONY moments and turned into a nice tagline. This is how it's done, ladies.

If you want to hear the women say their newest taglines, you can watch the video over at People.