There's A Major Problem With The 'RHONY' Reunion

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

This season of Real Housewives Of New York was a real doozy — basically everyone was fighting, and it didn’t even seem like anyone wanted to speak to each other, let alone film with each other. But the season continued, the fights were squashed, and the Real Housewives Of New York finale had everyone getting along. Well, that’s until the reunion airs. Things may be hunky dory now, but the Real Housewives reunion will definitely bring up the tough stuff.

The season ended with most of the Real Housewives in a good place. I can’t say everyone is happy, but at least they’re being honest. Adam moved out of Carole’s apartment and they’re happier together (she says she feels her best when she can be free, which I empathize with); Dorinda’s daughter, Hannah, moved out, which means that Dorinda's boyfriend can spend a lot more time in the apartment; Bethenny is at the end of her divorce and real estate stage and finally feels OK again; Ramona admitted she doesn’t like being alone; Sonja is shacking up hardcore with her Frenchie, and Tinsley found a man, Scott, and things are going great. The only thing that’s not going so well is Luann’s marriage — news broke in August that Luann and her husband Tom would be divorcing, and that was her coda at the end of the finale.

But I can’t think that everything will be copacetic during the reunion. A quick preview showed Ramona and Bethenny duking it out again over all of the things Ramona said to her earlier in the season, and even though Luann’s divorce wasn’t announced when the reunion was filmed (in early July), there are hints about their tumultuous relationship. Emotions are running high, and a part of me just wants the Real Housewives Of New York to be sunshine and rainbows for like 15 minutes. This season has been one of crazy infighting (to the point where I didn’t even want to watch because it was the same fights over and over), and what more can really be said? These horses have been beaten. At this rate, those two dramas (as well as the Sonja and Tinsley feud) will dominate the reunions, and it will be more of the same. If you ask me, The Real Housewives Of New York needs a clean break and a fresh start when it returns next season — and way less repetitive arguing.