In The New 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Taglines, Gizelle Is Still "The Word On The Street”

Larry French/Bravo

The show will soon be here with fresh drama, but until the new season drops, let's discuss the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 taglines. In typical Potomac, Maryland fashion, these Housewives could use some help with their opening lines. It's not that their taglines are horrible, but they certainly aren't the strongest in the franchise. And, for the third season in a row, Gizelle Bryant is still talking about "the word on the street".

Seriously, her tagline this season is:

"If you can't handle me being the word on the street, then stop listening."

Look, being "the word on the street" has become Gizelle's thing, so of course she's going to milk it for all it's worth. Her first two taglines were awfully similar, and, apparently, Gizelle likes the theme so she's sticking with it. Her Season 1 tagline was: "The word on the street is that I'm the word on the street." Her Season 2 tagline was: "Word on the street is... I'm still the word on the street."

There's no doubt Gizelle believes she's "the word on the street", so it only makes sense for her to keep reusing the same phrase in her tagline. Really, Gizelle could probably care less what anyone thinks. That's Gizelle. She loves herself and embodies confidence, which is great. However, come Season 4, it might be time for her to get some new material.

As for the other RHOP Season 3 taglines, well, you be the judge for yourself.

"Baby, don't believe what you hear. The Grande Dame still holds center court." -Karen Huger

Based on the Season 3 trailer, it doesn't really seem like Karen is the Grande Dame of Potomac anymore. Not only are Karen and Ray Huger's reported tax problems brought up, but the women are still questioning why she moved to Great Falls in Season 2. Even Ashley Darby says in the trailer, "There has been some talk that Karen doesn't actually live in that house." Despite all of the chatter, it sure seems like Karen is trying to dispel the rumors — even with her tagline.

"You'll never put me in a box, because I'm the whole darn package." -Monique Samuels

Monique first debuted in Season 2, and she is back for more drama and to prove to the women she deserves to be on top. The trailer suggests that this is going to be a tough season for the sophomore Housewife. Between moving into her new Potomac mansion to her getting into a car accident to her threatening to choke a co-star with an umbrella, it sure looks like Monique's second season won't be all diamonds and champagne.

"Life has its ups and downs, but my game is on the rebound." -Robyn Dixon

After two seasons of wondering if Robyn and her ex-husband, Juan Dixon, would ever get reunite (they still lived together post-divorce), it sure seems like they've rekindled their flame. They even kiss in the trailer, as you can see above. If you take another look at her tagline, Robyn even teases she's "on the rebound", which appears to be her way of hinting that she and her former NBA star ex are finally moving in the right direction.

"You may say I cause trouble, but I say I keep things interesting." -Ashley Darby

Ever since Ashley's debut in Season 1, she's been causing trouble — or so her co-stars sometimes think. It doesn't seem like Ashley's changed at all, because at one point in this season's trailer she asks Karen about her marriage, "Do you and Ray have an arrangement?" She seems to be suggesting they have an open marriage. Yeah, she's so not "causing trouble". As one of the youngest RHOP stars, Ashley sometimes doesn't connect with the other women, but that definitely won't stop her from keeping things "interesting".

"Life is a pageant and I'm in it to win it." -Candiace Dillard

Finally, we have Candiace Dillard, the new Housewife. That's right Charrisse Jackson-Jordan is no longer full-time (she's a friend this season), but here's hoping Candiace will fit right in with the other women. Not only did she work in the White House for President Obama, but she now owns a consulting agency for beauty queens. So, yeah, her tagline definitely suits her.

Even though the RHOP Season 3 taglines aren't super exciting, these women always keep the gossip flowing and the fights heated. They never seem to disappoint when it comes to delivering the drama, so at least fans have that to look forward to.