You Need This 'Riverdale' Fan Theory In Your Life

OK, Riverdale fans, on a scale of one to bonkers, this fan theory is really out there, but it is so darkly brilliant it demands to be discussed. Reported by Seventeen and posited by Reddit user DeCurt1998, the Riverdale fan theory hints at a zombie apocalypse on the horizon for Archie and his pals. That's just crazy talk, right? Well, not necessarily.

Riverdale's showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is also the creator of Afterlife with Archie. You see, before there was a dark Archie TV series, there was a dark Archie comic book series. Aguirre-Sacasa gave the wholesome comic strip a 21st update with Afterlife, which finds the citizens of Riverdale battling zombies. The undead invasion is triggered by none other than teenage witch Sabrina Spellman, who is set to appear on the CW series before the season ends.

Simply knowing Sabrina is set to pop up in the future doesn't a plausible theory make, but when you dig a little deeper into the Afterlife comics, there are some not so subtle similarities that are impossible to ignore. In the comics, Jughead is patient zero, but while his body is a leader of a zombie horde, his spirit rides along with Archie and friends as they drive across the country. This is important because it leads to Jughead acting as a narrator of sorts, at least from Archie's point of view. His running commentary is not unlike the narration he provides on the TV series.

Jason Bloom is also dead in the comics, and Cheryl is the primary suspect. Much like with TV Cheryl and Jason, it is strongly hinted the twins were much closer than your average siblings. It is not hard to imagine Jason as the patient zero of Riverdale, especially since he was shot in the head — the best way to take out a zombie.

The reddit thread also points out Cheryl told Veronica her brother "was supposed to come back." Now, logically, she was referring to him returning to Riverdale after running away from their parents, but what if she was actually lamenting the fact that he didn't return from the dead. In the Feb. 23 episode, Cheryl even dreamed of her brother in a zombified form.

All of those things can be explained away by trauma, but the one clue that should have your eyebrows arching at least a tiny bit involves scout leader Dilton. The teenage survivalist confessed to Jughead that he shot the gun in the forest because he believes the boys need to be prepared, given the way the town is going. Now, this is a curious statement to make since he was teaching the kids how to shoot before Jason's death. Sure, the town has a gang, but they've been there for a longtime. Why is Dilton so freaked out suddenly?

In Afterlife, Dilton is the most skilled survivalist in the group. His extensive knowledge of horror movies and smarts are key in keeping the gang alive. Currently, he is the one person in Riverdale who is certain something strange is going on. The question is what is behind the strangeness — something completely human or a supernatural threat?

It is probably the former, but if this Riverdale theory came true, I would not be mad about it. Come on, you know watching Betty and Veronica slay zombies would be a blast.