The Guy Who Played Robin Arryn On 'GoT' Is Now On Netflix's 'Sex Education'

Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley and George Robinson as Isaac in Sex Education Season 2

Otis and Maeve have a few new customers for their business in Sex Education Season 2. The regular crew of students from Moordale Secondary will all still be there, but they are joined by new members of the Sex Education Season 2 cast. Besides three additional students, two more characters will specifically enter Maeve's sphere — her absent mother and a new neighbor at the caravan park where she lives.

All of the actors who made the series so endearing in the first place returned for Season 1, including Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, and the most well-established actor of the cast, Gillian Anderson. Patricia Allison's Ola and Mikael Persbrandt's Jakob will also have more of presence in Season 2 as the daughter-father duo date the son-mother team of Otis and Jean. Plus, with Maeve returning to the school and Jean getting recruited as a sex advisor, the student population (including previously-unseen characters) and even the teachers will have more options than ever before when it comes to their awkward sex questions.

But here are the five main new cast members, including two actors from major HBO series, who are partaking in Otis' second course.

Anne-Marie Duff


Maeve's dysfunctional home life was shown in Season 1, but her mom Erin ends up right at her doorstep in Season 2 played by Anne-Marie Duff. "As soon as I found out she was playing my mum I welled up a little bit, I’m not gonna lie," Maeve actor Mackey told Metro. Duff is more well-known in the UK for her roles like in the British version of Shameless, but she was recently on American TV as Ma Costa in His Dark Materials. For both projects, she starred opposite her now very famous ex-husband James McAvoy.

Sami Outalbali


What's a new season without a new kid at school? For Moordale Secondary, Sami Outalbali's Rahim shows up from France and causes a scene. Eric proclaims him "the hottest man I've ever seen," but their love affair faces some complications in the form of Adam. While new to Sex Education, Outalbali has been in French TV shows like Vive la colo!, Les Grands, and Mortel (the latter of which is also available on Netflix).

Chinenye Ezeudu


Chinenye Ezeudu's Viv has brains since she's in Miss Sands' Aptitude Class with Maeve, Ola, and Lily. But she doesn't necessarily have sex smarts as demonstrated when she becomes Jackson's tutor. Sex Education is Ezeudu's first credit on her IMDb page, but she'll be on Netflix again soon in the British miniseries The Stranger when it drops on Jan. 30.

George Robinson


Like Ezeudu, George Robinson is also a newcomer to acting. While he doesn't attend Moordale, his character Isaac connects with Maeve when he and his brother move into the caravan park. He's a troublemaker and knows about hardship as he has a disability and uses a wheelchair. You can follow Robinson on Twitter where he advocates for people with disabilities.

Lino Facioli

New character Dex is also in the Aptitude Class with Viv. But he's more of a familiar face to TV fans since Lino Facioli portrayed Robin Arryn in Game of Thrones. Perhaps his new role in Sex Education will help him from forever being known as the breast-feeding cousin of the Starks. But hey, his past acting role just may make Facioli very much in need of some consultation in the form of Sex Education.